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Media Matters Worldwide Co-Founder Wins Campaign US 2022 Female Frontier Awards
Media Matters Worldwide Co-Founder Wins Campaign US 2022 Female Frontier Awards

About Us: The Prittle Prattle News or PP News is the country’s most prestigious and diverse media conglomerate and a specialist in digital journalism.

10+ Years Of Experiences

With so pretty many stories come so very many perspectives, and with each one definitely comes a new way to evaluate things definitely About Us. Prittle Prattle News is a fairly public opinion forum that provides a platform for media professionals like journalists, technologists, news executives, students, educators, and generally many others to communicate and actually convey their digital news presentations in a significant way.

Our Journey

The Prittle Prattle News or PP News is the country’s most prestigious and diverse media conglomerate and a specialist in digital journalism. Founded in August 2020 by Smruti Bhalerao and Sachin Bhalerao, Prittle Prattle News is tenaciously built on its principle. The basic concept backs its whole ethos that independent media is the backbone of democracy.


Prittle Prattle accomplishes its purpose by focusing on five key areas:
• Creating strategies for new technology
• Best practices for audience engagement and data are being shared
• Storytelling News in New Ways
• Experimenting with different revenue and business models
• Cultivating leadership, culture, and diversity in the newsroom


The journalistic sector innovates boldly to engage better and enlighten the public.

Core Values

We literally consider that the internet is the most powerful communication medium to emerge since television’s inception in a subtle way essentially. As digital distribution technologies mostly become the significant source of news for an increasing section of the world’s population, journalists and news audiences face complicated difficulties and possibilities.

Journalistic Ethics

Journalists must adhere to the highest standards of fairness, accuracy, impartiality, and responsible, independent reporting while disseminating, sourcing, evaluating, and correlating information.


Diversity and inclusion in all journalistic professions, specifically for all intents and purposes, bring a basically wide range of viewpoints that actually basically are actually essential for sympathetic storytelling, driving innovation, and reaching new audiences, which is pretty significant.


As journalists really seek for the for all intents and purposes best narrative possible, regardless of media, they should basically be strategic in their use of reporting tools, design methods, and distribution channels in a basically big way


When employing innovative tools and platforms for responsible journalism, the boundary between news and other information must always essentially be evident; the pretty original source for information must mostly be obvious, and efforts to basically verify information must mostly be rather plain.


Journalists should literally build a dynamic, courteous, and supportive atmosphere for the communities they basically serve as well as for one another.

Freedom of expression

Journalists must for all intents and purposes be sort of free to report the news without fear of retaliation, incarceration, or personal injury, and they will generally push for unrestricted access to actually public information and officials, kind of contrary to popular belief. They will basically defend the public”s freedom to definitely be informed and to voice their views on very current events openly in a preeminent way.
The popularity of News portals has been growing steadily as there’s no time to open up a newspaper and actually dig in for the content, sort of contrary to popular belief. With just a mere tap on definitely your mobile phone, Prittle Prattle News  allows you actually to consume content of all kinds and from all sectors without any time limitation, or so they basically thought.
In a world with pretty much a hassle, Prittle Prattle News is mostly always there for its readers to mainly get the news anytime, anywhere, and 24×7 in a definitely big way.
So, if you are interested in reading and knowing about the latest trends, stock markets, business opportunities, exclusive news bursts on any incident, expert advice, and so on, then quickly follow our news portal now!
Ms. Smruti Alinje Bhalerao
Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Prittle Prattle News
Cell No: (+91) 96195 50143,
Mr. Sachin Bhalerao
Executive Editor, Prittle Prattle News
Cell No: (+91) 96195 55034,
For Editorial Enquiries:
Ms. Sejal Wakkar
Ms. Darshana Joshi
Email: news@prittleprattle.in
For Sales & Marketing:
Mr. Sai Chaudhari
Cell No: (+91) 87790 95910, (+91) 96195 50143,
Email: sai@prittleprattle.in
For Website Developer:
Mr. Sanjeev Korgaonkar

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