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India Is So Confusing

The most Confusing Country in the world is India!

India is my Country!

We live in a very confusing country. Because when you and I think about it, we get confused.

Whether we should be proud or ashamed of India?

Because there are two its hidden in one country! One is full of absconding millionaires! Second

India is, where businessmen think of the people before profits. One India is spreading hatred based on religion. And second India which has moved on and embracing peace tomorrow.

One has houses a few of the most polluted cities in the world. Second India is empowering homes using solar energy. So, in which India we are Living in First or Second India?

Can India make electricity? That by Poop? Sounds Impossible, Right?  

But Padma Bhushan Dr.Bindeshwar Pathak has made it a reality. Where jit has 60.4 percent of people without access to a toilet. Since the 1970’s he has made 1.5 million+  toilets in India.  You know these pay and use toilets as such shauchalaya. 

So, it will sound but toilet waste can be used as Biogas. Over here the waste gets processed and decomposed and ultimately it is used to generate electricity, cook, and also light street lamps too! Your “outgoing” is utilized! And not just gas! 

The water left after this process, is used to grow plants!  Human waste is a treasure for plants! It gives them Nutrients.  This is so cool, It sounds impossible but it is possible. India Is So Confusing,

Poor people can’t afford surgery but they can give 10 rupees per month. The government can add 30 rupees to it. Make health insurance for them!  In 150 Year get health coverage. This also sounds impossible but it is possible too. But today, more than 1 crore people are a part of this low-cost health insurance! 100,000+ low cost surgeries. 

Dr. Devi Shetty is a cardiac surgeon who founded Narayana Health. Poor people aren’t a problem.

The problem is Poverty!

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