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Why oxygen is essential in our life

Today the basic necessity of life seems sacred.

During this period of the pandemic, oxygen has become the source of energy. A large number of patients have lost their lives due to the scarcity of oxygen cylinders. For people who could not afford expensive cylinders, their condition is turning critical day by day. It is such a crucial time where we could not breathe sufficiently.

Due to many deforestations, the trees have passed no carbon dioxide, which lasts in scarcity. When we face global warming, more care should be taken of those trees and plants. We often take shade under giant trees while traveling in the sun. It’s because we know they provide maximum oxygen and shade.

Even we plant little saplings at our home to get maximum oxygen. Those natural resources have no demands from w humans. Other than care and water. But we, as humans, cut them off for our convenience. 

Major covid centers are in the urban area where there is no free oxygen from trees. A patient has to rely on the cylinders entirely—many people who suffer from low or high blood pressure, thyroid, diabetes, and asthma have an increased risk of death. Due to lack of oxygen, they start suffocating. Since ancient times, it has been said to stand near the tulsi plant or eat two leaves regularly to improve immunity and keep body parts healthy.

Even while traveling at a high altitude, the oxygen level gets reduced. It happens due to the absence of trees. Oxygen improves our respiratory system and produces metabolism. It takes place in nature due to work done by photosynthesis of the plants and trees. Hence it is an essential element in our day-to-day life.

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