Inside DRK Jewels’ Paarth Khanna’s Blend of Tradition and Innovation in Jewelry Design

From Persian Inspirations to Contemporary Creations: Paarth Khanna, Designer at of DRK Jewels Discusses His Signature Design Process

Dive into the world of DRK Jewels, where tradition meets contemporary flair under the masterful guidance of Paarth Khanna. As a beacon of innovative jewelry design, DRK Jewels stands out in the luxury market. This exclusive interview with Paarth Khanna unveils the creative genius behind DRK Jewels’ most iconic pieces, exploring how cultural heritage is woven into modern aesthetics to craft timeless jewelry. Join us as we discover the inspirations, challenges, and artistic processes that define DRK Jewels.

Mr. Khanna, could you share the journey of DRK Jewels from its inception to becoming a renowned name in the jewellery industry?

In 1950, DRK Jewels was founded by the late Shri Dhani Ram Khanna, driven by a love of fine craftsmanship and a commitment to excellence. Our brand concurs with exquisite styles from ancient India, like gold jewelry set with priceless stones. In its initial days, DRK Jewels was known highly amongst the Royal South Indian dignities, among many individuals of prestige, the Maharaja of Vijaynagar, the Raja of Ramchandrapuram, and Rani Hemlata Devi of Andhra were among frequent clients when it first opened. The Ramchandrapuram Raja was so taken with the brand’s creations that he gave Shri Dhani Ram Khanna an artwork from his own royal haveli.

Our path has involved constant innovation, keeping the rich Indian legacy intact whilst meeting the shifting needs of the market. While we first concentrated on classic designs, we quickly understood that in order to appeal to modern preferences, new aspects had to be included. Our jewelry store is located in the quintessential lane of Chandni Chowk, hailed for its immortal heritage and authenticity.

How do you balance traditional craftsmanship with the evolving trends in jewellery design?

Part of our brand concept is to strike a balance between current trends and historic workmanship. In order to remain relevant in the fast-paced industry of today, we embrace innovation while conserving time-honoured methods that have been passed down through the centuries. Every piece exhibits a tasteful fusion of modern flair and classic elegance, guaranteeing that our jewellery will always be stylish and timeless.

What challenges have you faced in adapting to the rapidly changing jewellery market, and how have you overcome them?

The jewelry industry is changing quickly, and there are problems in adjusting to these changes, including evolving consumer preferences and technology improvements. Nonetheless, we see these difficulties as chances for development and progress. We consistently reinvent our ideas, optimise our processes, and improve the customer experience by remaining proactive and adaptable. Overcoming these challenges has also been made possible by investing in research and development, utilising digital marketing techniques, and building strong ties with suppliers.

As a second-generation leader, how do you envision your role in preserving the legacy of DRK Jewels while steering it towards future success?

As a leader of the second generation, I regard my job as continuing DRK Jewels’ tradition while simultaneously advancing the company’s growth. To move forward, we must embrace change and innovation while upholding the customs and principles that have moulded our brand. I want to make sure that DRK Jewels is a shining example of excellence and survives for many generations to come. I will do this by strategic planning, great leadership, and a strong dedication to our fundamental values.

What, in your opinion, makes a piece of jewellery timeless, and how do DRK Jewels capture this essence in your collections?

When jewelry transcends fads and retains its timeless beauty and meaning, it is considered timeless. At DRK Jewels, we think that emotional resonance, fine craftsmanship, and simplicity are the keys to timeless design. We use expert craftspeople, carefully choose the best materials, and pay close attention to every detail to produce items that have a timeless elegance and charm. Our designs are meant to be treasured for years to come since we place an emphasis on classic design principles rather than ephemeral trends.
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