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Why the zoo should be banned

A zoo is a place where we often visit.

For many of us, it is fun to visit the zoo. Various birds and animals can be seen unhappy in those prisons. But those are the saddest animals we see. a zoo is an imperfect place for forest beings. They are forcefully caged. Whereas their home; and has unrealistic space. Where they can enjoy their freedom, there’s no restriction placed.

The animals could not ven breed on their own. Very rarely are the sessions conducted in the zoo. in comparison to forest life, animals are getting restricted from their fundamental rights. It also results in the death of animals due to loneliness, lack of freedom, and an unhealthy atmosphere.

An unhealthy atmosphere means animals are given anesthesia injections for visitors to feed them. This activity harms poor animal’s physical health. for animals, the zoo is the worst place to stay. Every day they have to go under the massive dominance of humans, which is against the law of nature.            

In India, strict action should be taken against animal abuse. The zoo should be strictly banned. Animals need a vast place to live their life. The forest is their homeland where they should live. The Zoo system is against the rights of animals. The majority of visitors provoke the aggression of animals by teasing them.

Such actions create instability of mind among animals. The zoo is a dark room for animals. They are being caught and dumped off in cages only for the sake of entertainment. We pay thousands of rupees only to enjoy their sadness. So it can be said that human is the worst animal who seels his soul to hurt innocent lives. Strict action should be taken against such activity.

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