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Being a Dalit, Women, and Adivasi by birth is cursed in India?

Mumbai – Now substantial questions arise on the devastated social fabric in India. Atrocities in the country are rising day by day. May be Development model of current government regime do not endorsed assaults on Dalit, tribal and women officially but no one can decline hatred between communities. Indian civilization and Idea of India are made for inclusive of integration and brotherhood between different communities. The Constitution of India gave the ‘Right to dignity’ to every citizen taking aside caste, religion, and gender. Especially existing government giving more emphasis on ‘Vande Mataram, Bharat Mata”. If women and the marginalized community suffering in the country today, will it is called ‘Silence of Bharat Mata”?

Crimes against scheduled tribe (ST) communities also increased by 9.3% to a total of 8,272 cases in the year, according to NCRB data Crimes against scheduled tribe (ST) communities increased by 9.3% to a total of 8,272 cases in the year, according to NCRB data. As per NCRB data, crime against women and Dalits rose by almost 9%after the pandemic. Is this not evident enough for rising atrocities against suppressed communities’. I want to give attention to a broader perspective. Since mob lynching on Aklakh in Dadri, mob lynching on Mohasin shaikh in Pune, Maharashtra, and some mob lynching incidents against minority communities are examples of rising bigotry in the new government regime.

On every week also new story of attack on Dalits, Tribal, Women as national story. But sadly, mainstream media is not giving enough coverage to these incidences of their political inclination. To make political bosses happy media is silent on this issue to a large extent. Except for a few media houses, no one dares to cover these stories from broader perspectives. Most commercial media channels cover these stories as a slot for ‘Afternoon Scoop.’ Rising right-wing fundamentalism is not since covered as a threat to society. Instead, 90 percent channels run a daily debate show on Hindu and Muslim to spread more hatred. It is the duty of media to cover news from a society perspective.

The media should keep difference between news and views. It is the duty of the media to speak against hatred and wrong government policies. Instead, Godi Media is asking a question to opposition parties. The job of Media is to promote information, news and creating reforms in society. But MajorityMedia becomes a puppet of government for commercial interest.

A recent attack on Indra Kumar Dalit children by his school teacher in Rajasthan for touching his water Pot. Kanhaiya Lal by religious extremists as Nupur Sharma Supporter in Udaipur, Killing of Dalit youth in Basti, and now a recent attack on Sunita Kumari tribal women are not enough incidents to trigger hatred in society? The accused of the attack is BJP Beti Bachao Bati Padhao National conveyer Seema Patra, wife of Ex IAS officer. The statement recorded by Sunita against Seema Patra for brutal assaults on her is not only heinous and now throat-provoking. If Beti Bachao Beti Padaho conveyer is accused in such a case, then it is vital to consider where we are going as a whole society. Social media has become a platform for spreading hatred and gangs of the paid troller. The poison of hatred is not suddenly passing through the veins of India.

It is back by 5000 years roots based on “The Varna’ system. The exploitation and discrimination are the basis of two factors- 1) Gender and 2) Ethnic roots. No party gave much attention to stopping discrimination on the basis of race, caste, gender, or religion. It became a political weapon for all political parties. Politician talks about inclusive growth and brotherhood in society but in real they gain votes on caste equations. Every party chooses “Vote Bank’ to get an electoral majority. Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar once while talking to BBC said, this democracy will not work unless and until it is implemented in a precise direction.

That’s what we as a country failed to do. I think the biggest threat to society is the silence of the middle class and working class on every issue giving strength to social fringe elements. At a grass root level, it is a social dilemma for Dalit, marginalized, to live peacefully with a politically strong and well-connected community.
Even more than 59% literate population, the percentage of atrocities is rising. The metropolitan cities become silent atrocity killers for these atrocities.

The social trolling reach from urban to rural areas. Violence as the solution will not give any concrete answer and will not work in a healthy democracy. For the future-oriented strong building of a Nation, Humans must come out for a together social existence. Religions are made for humans to become socialized, not as a weapon to create domination over other societies. Constitution gives equal freedom to all human beings irrespective of caste, but it becomes a tool of power in Male centric society. “A respect for a woman” is nothing but just became great thought on paper.

At the end of the day, “Mascunality “exists in society to suppress other communities because it is a power game of money, domination, and cultural supremacy. It gives authoritarian power to gain wasted interest at the cost of democracy. Humans are not made for religion. Survival exists in good human values. At the same time, politicians are taking leverage out of it for social polarisation. Dalits and women have suppressed factors both by the community and government to use as a weapon whenever needed. No one is interested to bring them in mainstream instead, make them slaves for religion.

If we look closely, highly educated people with are well family backgrounds on the top list to create hate in society, especially in the middle and higher middle class. Religious and cultural ethnicity becomes a tool to judge the personality of human beings I think it is biggest barrier for retaining democracy as a democracy. Indian constitution has given the freedom to every human to follow his belief and religion, but if democracy becomes violent when it becomes majoritarian democracy. Real spirituality teaches us solidarity and brotherhood; instead, it becomes a tool for hijacking the minds of youths in the name of religion. The biggest problem our modern youth are using electronic gadgets and social media, but they also need to spend time on constructive reading.
Education and Reading give a whole perspective on life and moral values. Offently, youth are started to have opinions based on social media and Whatsapp University without checking facts. To mold upcoming generations it is important to become human rather Hindu, Muslims, Brahmin, Dalit. 10 years old kids are engaging in defaming freedom fighters and national heroes without checking facts or any reading. Right from birth to death, you are judgemental on the basis of caste and religion. Unless and until we become a healthy society it will not be going to help to become a superpower.
Is the government endorsing violence? Recent elected President Draupadi Murmu has not yet given a statement related assault on Sunita Kumari despite becoming the first tribal women president. Not even Prime Minister Narendra Modi had a single tweet about this incident. Is personal ambition is become a priority over one life of Adivasi Women? Don’t Dalit lives matters? On one side government talk about inclusiveness. On another side gives silent support to increasing bigotry. What message do we want to give to the next generation? We need to reform religious teaching, including social and cultural aspects.
Even not a left-wing, Samajwadi, communist, and opposition raising these issues so seriously. Journalist like Ravish Kumar, Rana Ayub gets constant rape and death threats on every single day and faced unlimited troll on social media. Forget about reforms. Even if anyone raises a voice against the system, themselves become a victim of hatred. Unlikely the Culprit of Bilkis Bano are Scott free by the government and right-wing supporters are celebrating this event by distributing Mithai and Sweets. Political, Journalists and police, and government nexus working for their interest above the nation. Is this not a hard-core reality?
As a person as a human if we not ready to accept other humans existence then it is wise decision to at least not have double standards like ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao,Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas Sabka Vishwas’ or any other slogans. It is high time to think about the future as a country.
This opinion article written by Mohit Soman, Senior Journalist  Prittle Prattle News.
(The opinion expressed in the article are personal )
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