Japan’s Ise Foods Launches High-quality Egg Sales in India

Japanese standard hygienic egg production revolutionizes the Indian egg market 

Noida, June 21, 2022: Japan’s largest and world’s 5th largest egg producer, Ise Foods Inc., (aka. Ise Egg) launches the production and sales of its quality eggs, Ise Egg Premium, in India through Ise-Suzuki Egg India Pvt Ltd., its Indian subsidiary, from June 27, 2022. Ise Foods, Inc. is bringing the “Ise Integration System” to produce Japanese standard hygienic and nutritious eggs indigenously in Punjab for Indian people.

An egg is regarded as perfect food, suitable for everyone and every age for building a healthy body, however, eggs are laid with manure, thus contaminated with salmonella and bacteria. Ise Foods Inc. has established “Ise Integration System” for over 6 decades which is a complete ecosystem to produce hygienic, nutritious, and fresh eggs in Japan: It boasts strict hygienic standards and operation in a temperature-controlled environment. Therefore, Japanese people enjoy eating their eggs even raw.

Ise Foods now has transferred its technology and know-how to India.

Our Punjab OEM partner raises healthy hens with Ise formulated nutritious feeds. The protein and Vitamin E enhanced eggs are brought to Ise Grading and Packing (GP) factory adjacent to the poultry farm, where eggs are machine washed and UV sanitized to eliminate salmonella and bacteria. The workers are fully sanitized and always wear hygienic uniforms.

The sterilized eggs are quality checked on the spot and packed, then transported by a cold chain reefer truck at 15 °C temperature. Fresh Ise Egg Premium will be sold at chilled shelves of selected stores in Chandigarh and Delhi, NCR for the first time in India. Ise Egg Premium has full traceability via its ERP system.

Ise Egg is a pioneer and a game-changer for egg hygiene and safety in the Indian market and revolutionizes to take a step toward the brand’s aim of advancing and building India’s cold chain system to make the Ise eggs first such high quality, fresh, and safe eggs for Indian consumers.

Ise Egg Premium is a protein and Vitamin E-enhanced nutritious white egg priced at INR 110 for 6 eggs in a package. The product will be sold at traditional and prime modern supermarkets, trade centres, and via E-commerce. To start with Ise Egg Premium will be available at Modern Bazar, Yamato-YA, Spencer, Le-Marche Retails, and The New Shop in Delhi NCR and Chandigarh Tricity region.

“We want our safe eggs to be eaten by your beloved ones,” says Mitsuko Takahashi, COO of Ise-Suzuki Egg India. “It is the 70th anniversary of the India-Japan diplomatic relationship this year. How appropriate and symbolic it is that Japanese technology is transferred and is helping boost made in India collaboratively,” remarks Mitsuko Takahashi.

Ise Foods Inc. has formed a joint venture with Suzuki Motor Corporation, a parent company of Maruti Suzuki India Limited, since 2019.

DENSO International India, Japan’s leading mobility supplier, is supporting Ise-Suzuki Egg India for its cold chain transportation.
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