Master Chef Ajay Chopra Reveals Culinary Secrets at Phoenix Mall of Asia

Dive into the Essence of Mediterranean Cuisine with Celebrity Chef Ajay Chopra

In an exclusive interview with Prittle Prattle News, Celebrity Master Chef Ajay Chopra shares insights into his culinary philosophy, inspirations, and a sneak peek into the Mediterranean masterclass at Phoenix Mall of Asia. Known for his innovative approach and charismatic teaching style, Chef Chopra has been a prominent figure in India’s culinary scene, from hosting Master Chef India to founding Zion Hospitality. This interview delves into his journey, the fusion of flavors, and his vision for the future of culinary arts.

Culinary Philosophy: Chef Ajay, could you share with us your culinary philosophy and how it influences the dishes you create, especially focusing on the Mediterranean cuisine you’ll be showcasing at the Phoenix Mall of Asia?

Ans: My culinary philosophy is a free-spirited journey inspired by nostalgia, drawing from his experiences eating out in Bangalore and international travel. At the heart of my creations is a desire to recreate the vibrant vibes of Bangalore’s dining scene while infusing global flavors and techniques. Balancing playful experimentation with the comforting familiarity of traditional dishes, and dishes that evoke a sense of joy and satisfaction, making dining at the Phoenix Mall of Asia a delightful culinary experience.

Masterclass Inspiration: What inspired you to conduct this Masterclass Session, and what unique experiences should attendees expect during this event?

Ans: At Plaka, each dish is curated with love and passion, reflecting the dedication and commitment to delivering exceptional dining experiences. Attendees can expect to not only learn the art of cooking for their loved ones but also to imbue their dishes with the same level of care and devotion that characterizes the cuisine at Plaka. From the selection of ingredients to the presentation of the final dish, every aspect is infused with a heartfelt touch, ensuring that the Masterclass Session is not just about cooking but about creating cherished moments shared with those closest to us.

Signature Dishes: Could you give us a sneak peek into some of the signature dishes or techniques you plan to demonstrate at the Masterclass? How do these embody the essence of Mediterranean cuisine?

Ans: During the Masterclass, I’ll be offering a sneak peek into some of our signature dishes and techniques, unveiling the essence of our cuisine beyond the misconceived Mediterranean label. In this menu, I reveal the next chapter of my culinary journey, drawing inspiration from my travels within India and abroad. Attendees can expect innovative creations  paying homage to the diverse flavors of  tradition and innovation that defines our culinary ethos.

Culinary Journey: Your journey from hosting Master Chef India to establishing Zion Hospitality is incredibly inspiring. Can you share a pivotal moment in your career that significantly influenced your approach to cooking and teaching?

Ans: Every step of my journey, from hosting Master Chef India to establishing Zion Hospitality, has been a humbling experience. I believe that every day brings new opportunities for learning, and I am constantly reminded that the pursuit of knowledge never ends. Along the way, I’ve been blessed with God’s wisdom and the unwavering support of my team, both of which have profoundly shaped my approach to cooking and teaching.

Future Culinary Trends: As a renowned chef, how do you see the future of Mediterranean cuisine evolving, especially in the context of Indian dining preferences?

Ans: Both cuisines share similarities like a focus on fresh ingredients and grilling of meats. Dishes like Fatteh and Dahi Chole Papdi showcase the resemblance between the two, indicating a potential for fusion. Moving forward, I foresee a culinary landscape where the boundaries between Mediterranean and Indian cuisines blur, fostering a delightful cultural exchange on the plate.

Advice for Aspiring Chefs: What advice would you give to aspiring chefs who look up to you and wish to explore Mediterranean or diverse culinary traditions?
Ans: I advise embracing passion, seeking mentorship from seasoned chefs, adopting a work ethic cantered on learning, mastering fundamental techniques, and remaining open-minded to absorb knowledge and experiences like a sponge. Pursue what ignites your passion, collaborate with experts, work diligently, focus on skill development, and stay receptive to new ideas and practices. This holistic approach will lay the groundwork for a successful culinary journey filled with exploration and growth.
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