Embassy Taurus and Team Godspeed launch on Go Green Drive Accelerating Towards Sustainability

Prittle Prattle News engaged in a conversation with Mr. R Anil Kumar, COO of Taurus Investment Holdings India Real Estate Advisory LLC, discussing the ‘Racing Towards a Greener Future: The Embassy Taurus and Team Godspeed Initiative

Embassy Taurus TechZone, in a landmark initiative with the Kerala Forest Department and Team Godspeed Kochi, launches a ‘Go Green’ campaign, blending motorsports excitement with eco-consciousness.

This innovative drive aims to plant a tree for every lap, pushing the boundaries of environmental stewardship.

  • Introduction and Initiative:

Ans: In a first-of-its-kind initiative in India in the field of Motorsports, Embassy Taurus TechZone (ETTZ) and the Forest Department, Government of Kerala (GoK), have partnered with Team Godspeed Kochi of the Indian Racing League to embark on a ‘Go Green’ eco-restoration drive to plant a tree for every lap driven by Team Godspeed Kochi in the 2023 edition of the Indian Racing League.

  • Can you provide a brief overview of the ‘Go Green’ eco-restoration drive by Embassy Taurus TechZone, the Indian Racing League, and the Kerala Forest Department?

Ans: ‘Go Green’ is a one-of-a-kind campaign that has at its heart the responsibility to keep the environment green, combined with charting development and business in harmony with nature and in concurrence with the vision of development for Trivandrum. When a car racing team in Kerala joins hands with the Kerala Forest Department in the eco-restoration programme, they make a strong statement to the rest of the world.

  • What motivated the partnership between ETTZ, the racing league, and the Forest Department for this eco-restoration initiative?

Ans: Protecting our climate, our air, and our water poses a daunting challenge as development accelerates. In our corporate environment responsibility (CER) Action Plan, we are focused on making a measured, sustained positive impact in communities and on the environment.

We were excited when Shri Joseph Thomas Pottamkulam, the Principal of Team Godspeed Kochi of the Indian Racing League (IRL), reached out to us with the idea of a Go Green campaign, where a tree would be planted for every lap taken by his racing team. The Forest Department, Government of Kerala (GoK), joined as a partner, and it was up to us to fuel this eco-restoration drive with a speed twist.

  • How does this initiative reflect the vision of Embassy Taurus TechZone and the participating entities in contributing to environmental conservation?

Ans: The ‘Go Green’ eco-restoration initiative reflects Embassy Taurus TechZone’s commitment, along with that of its collaborating entities, to environmental conservation. It embodies ETTZ’s vision of harmonising development with nature, showcasing proactive approaches to sustainability in real estate.

By partnering with Shri Joseph Thomas Pottamkulam, the Principal Team Godspeed Kochi, the Indian Racing League, who brought us this project, and the Kerala Forest Department, ETTZ clearly illustrates our holistic approach to sustainable development, leveraging innovative collaborations to drive meaningful environmental impact.

The initiative symbolises a broader commitment to environmental stewardship, engaging diverse audiences in the cause of conservation. Overall, ‘Go Green’ exemplifies how collaborative efforts can contribute to positive environmental change while setting new standards for responsible development.

Significance and Impact:

  • What impact do you envision this initiative will have on the local environment and the broader community?

Ans: The ‘Go Green’ initiative, in collaboration with Team GodSpeed Kochi and IRL, is a pioneering campaign that prioritises environmental conservation while fostering development in harmony with nature. This unique endeavour signifies a collective commitment to preserving our planet and underscores the importance of environmental stewardship.

The involvement of a high-performance sport like racing adds significance, emphasising the interconnectedness between human activities and environmental well-being. Through this initiative, we aim to give back to Mother Nature, ensuring clean air and a sustainable future for generations to come.

  • How will the greening activity under the Kazhakuttam flyover contribute to the city’s environmental goals and raise awareness about conservation?

Ans: The beautification and greening activity under the Kazhakuttam flyover holds significant potential to contribute to the city’s environmental goals and raise awareness about conservation in several ways:

Oxygen-releasing green foliage plays a crucial role in improving air quality by filtering pollutants and particulate matter from the air. Greening under the flyover that has heavy traffic and therefore emissions can help reduce air pollution levels in the surrounding area, creating a healthier environment for residents and commuters.

We are mulling a partnership with an NGO to do the plantation under the flyover, where there is the challenge of only ambient light being available, to promote the local species of flaura and fauna.

Through such an initiative, we can raise awareness about the resilience and role of native plants, besides creating an eco-system and a habitat for various species of birds, insects, and other wildlife, thereby promoting biodiversity conservation within the city.

Can you elaborate on the additional activities aimed at promoting environmental awareness and sustainability undertaken by ETTZ and its partners?

Ans: We are doubling up our engagement with Trivandrum through a slew of CER initiatives that will make a lasting impact through:

1) Better waste management practices

2) Promoting Go Green campaigns and eco-restoration

3) Adding the dimension of providing sports as a life-enabling and healthy societal intervention that will prepare the right mindset for sustainable living.

In our corporate environment responsibility (CER) Action Plan, we are focused on making a measured, sustained positive impact in communities and on the environment. We were excited to join hands with Team Godspeed Kochi of the IRL and the Forest Department, GoK, to kick-start this eco-restoration drive. Shortly, we will be showcasing this initiative through a visual expression under the Kazhakootam Flyover to remind our stakeholders of how we can live in harmony with nature. It is a statement that even racing drivers are driving to sustainability in their own way.

Collaboration and Future Plans:

  • How was the collaboration between Embassy Taurus TechZone, the Indian Racing League, and the Forest Department structured for the successful execution of this initiative?

Ans: We scouted for committed NGOs passionate about these causes, did our diligence, and offered to team up with them. This led us to partner with Team Godspeed Kochi and IRL. The tie-up with Team Godspeed Kochi, an F3, F4 racing team of IRL, along with DoF and GoK, is our first burst of support for eco-restoration, and our baby steps to sensitising folks on air quality and road safety.

Green Worms has been engaged in waste management since 2014 and is today a Circular Economy Transition Company. Our tie-up with Green Worms is a powerful partnership to cut down on pollution in the air, ground, water, and marine areas through better waste management practices.

Another organisation, LIFFA, that we have tied up nurtures and coaches the untapped potential of youth in the coastal villages, moving them away from the dragnets of unemployment, drug abuse, etc. and raising them as shining role models for the community. With all forces coming together, this initiative saw a successful outcome.

Business Integration and Development:

  • Are there plans for further collaborations or similar eco-friendly projects in the future?

Ans: Sustainability and CSR will continue to play a vital role in our existing and future real estate projects. With our CSR and broader ESG focus aligning with those of our global corporate occupiers, this has been a competitive advantage and a strong differentiator. Our tie-up with Green Worms, a circular transition, is a powerful partnership to cut down on pollution in air, ground, water, and marine areas through better waste management practices.

We have identified three “wards” with the cooperation of the Corporation of Trivandrum, Govt. of Kerala, and have started a door-to-door campaign. Besides the slew of activities, we have planned to scale up the involvement and engagement of the community.

On the cards is a partnership with an NGO that is doing yeoman work in afforestation; they will arm our commitment to greening and improving the SPM in the air and bringing back the biodiverse and rich local flora and fauna of this land.

We do hope this will help in shaping a new perspective on lifestyle that is sensitive to the concepts of OneHealth and climate action. Towards this, we are also sensitive to the fact that societal changes are required from the ground up to make a shift in attitude.

Our tie-up with LiFFA is focused on providing a healthy lifestyle and a path to achievement through sports. LiFFA has been writing success stories about creating national and state-level footballers amongst the children of the fishing community residing along the coast of our catchment area.

The beautification project under the Kazhakoottam flyover will be a visual expression of all of our CER projects and our philosophy, which is collaborative and inclusive.

  • How does this initiative align with the broader objectives of ETTZ, particularly its commitment to creating sustainable and energy-efficient workspaces?
Ans: At Taurus, we embrace a global perspective on corporate social responsibility that revolves around safeguarding People, Planet, and Progress, encapsulated within the realms of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles.
By harnessing the collective strength of our in-house experts in the multifamily, office, logistics, and renewable energy sectors, we have crafted focused, adaptable investment strategies spanning 30 countries across three continents for our esteemed partners.
The ‘Go Green’ initiative is a testament to the power of innovative collaborations in promoting environmental conservation, setting a new benchmark for sustainable development in the racing world and beyond.
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