Celebrating Culinary Journeys: Platform 65’s Mastery in Festive Event Management

Prittle Prattle’s Exclusive Dialogue with Srikanth Bandaru, Corporate General Manager, Platform 65

Platform 65 stands as a paragon of culinary innovation, especially in the realm of festive event management. At the helm of these grand celebrations is Srikanth Bandaru, the Corporate General Manager, whose strategic vision and meticulous planning bring each event to life. In this exclusive dialogue with Prittle Prattle News, Bandaru unveils the inner workings of Platform 65’s festive extravaganzas, revealing the synergy of creativity and operational excellence that makes every celebration a memorable experience for guests and staff alike.

As the Corporate General Manager, how do you prepare your team for large-scale festive events?

As the Corporate General Manager, I ensure the seamless preparation of our team for large-scale festive events at Platform 65. Early planning and coordination set the stage, with detailed guidelines provided to each branch, ensuring consistency in execution. Specialised training sessions immerse the team in the historical, cultural, and culinary aspects of the chosen theme, fostering a sense of pride and ownership. Stringent quality control measures and regular check-ins maintain uniformity and address any challenges promptly. Open communication channels, feedback mechanisms, and recognition of team efforts contribute to a positive and motivated atmosphere. Additionally, an emergency response plan is in place to handle unforeseen challenges. Through this comprehensive approach, we aim to deliver memorable and enchanting experiences during our festive events.

What are the challenges in executing simultaneous festive activities across different branches?

Executing simultaneous festive activities across different branches presents challenges in maintaining consistency, logistics coordination, and staff training. Ensuring a uniform guest experience while accommodating local variations requires careful planning and communication. Quality control measures are crucial to uphold brand standards, and adapting to diverse operational capacities and customer expectations poses additional complexities. Effective technology integration for communication and real-time adjustments becomes paramount. Navigating unforeseen challenges demands adaptability and a commitment to delivering a harmonious and enchanting experience for guests across all branches during festive activities.

How do you measure the success of these festive events in terms of customer engagement and satisfaction?

The success of festive events at Platform 65 in terms of customer engagement and satisfaction is gauged through a multifaceted approach. Post-event surveys, social media metrics, and online reviews provide direct customer feedback, while monitoring attendance and reservations offers insights into customer interest. Analysing sales performance, observing repeat customer behaviour, and assessing staff feedback contribute to a comprehensive understanding of customer engagement. Comparisons to benchmarks and post-event analysis meetings further refine strategies for future events, ensuring a continuous focus on enhancing the overall satisfaction and engagement of our customers.

Explain the training and preparation that goes into gearing up for a festive season.
Preparing for the festive season at Platform 65 involves collaborative brainstorming to conceptualise themes, followed by the provision of comprehensive guidelines to each branch. Staff undergo extensive training covering cultural nuances, historical references, and culinary highlights related to the theme, transforming them into storytellers for an enriched guest experience. The design team collaborates with decorators to visually immerse each branch in the chosen theme. Regular check-ins and feedback loops enable prompt adjustments for seamless execution. A robust marketing strategy communicates festive events through various channels, generating excitement. This holistic approach aims to create a harmonious and enchanting festive celebration, showcasing the team’s creativity and dedication at Platform 65.
Discuss how these events impact both staff morale and guest experiences.
The festive events at Platform 65 significantly impact both staff morale and guest experiences. For the staff, involvement in themed events enhances morale by providing an opportunity to showcase creativity and dedication. The immersive training and role as storytellers empower them, fostering a sense of pride. This positive morale translates into a more engaging and interactive service, contributing to a memorable guest experience. Guests, in turn, benefit from the staff’s enthusiasm, as well as the visually stunning decor and carefully curated menus. The themed events create a unique and joyful atmosphere, enhancing overall guest satisfaction and leaving a lasting impression, reinforcing Platform 65 as a destination for memorable experiences.
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