Divo’s dynamic digital strategy amplifies buzz for latest song debut, backed by Warner Music India’s impactful acquisition

Prittle Prattle News in conversation with Shahir Muneer, Founder and Director, Divo

As the Founder and Director of Divo, you have collaborated with Vivek-Mervin on their latest  Single ”Na Na Na Na”.What made you choose this particular composition, and how do you believe it contributes to the Tamil Music industry?

We wanted to work with prominent artists who have excellent skills and a profound understanding of Tamil music. We chose the duo based on their chemistry and how their abilities complement each other. We also kept in mind their consistent record of excellent performances, loyal audience following along with their artistic ability, versatility, and popularity. These were essential in developing a piece that would appeal to a wide spectrum of audiences. Furthermore, we carefully evaluated market trends and demands within the Tamil music industry and curated this composition to meet the needs of the listeners, while also setting new standards in terms of quality, innovation, and creativity by understanding the preferences and identifying market gaps. We hope to make a substantial contribution to the Tamil music industry by creating a memorable and influential piece of music that resonates with a wide audience, inspires other musicians, and establishes a new standard for excellence in the industry by combining these qualities.

Divo has recently been acquired by Warner Music India. How has this acquisition influenced Divos approach to digital distribution, marketing, and promotion of music?

Divo’s strategy for digital distribution, marketing, and promotion of music has been considerably influenced by Warner Music India’s acquisition. It has provided us with new opportunities, broadened our reach, and enabled us to benefit from the knowledge and resources of a global leader. In the past few months, we have seen growth and we are today in a stronger position to offer our artists, the finest platforms, and opportunities to build themselves.

Can you share some insights into Divo’s role in the entire music distribution process, from the teaser launch to digital marketing and influencer/content marketing? How do you ensure effective distribution and reach for the songs you work with?

Divo works in a committed manner towards helping artists reach a large audience via multiple ways of distribution channels. This includes streaming platforms, influencer marketing, content strategy, social media platforms, etc. We use and holistic approach starting from teaser launches to the final release.

We use multiple tools in digital marketing, influencer/content marketing, strategic partnerships, and data analysis, and create buzz, anticipation, and enthusiasm around a song’s debut. We develop interesting teaser content before the release of the song to stimulate interest and buzz among the audience. We employ numerous digital marketing platforms to attract the audience’s attention and drive them to listen to the songs, as digital marketing plays an important part in promoting songs and reaching a wider audience. Collaborations enable us to get prominent placements, playlists, and editorial promotions for the songs. By leveraging the reach and credibility of these platforms, we ensure that the songs receive maximum exposure to a diverse spectrum of listeners.

What are your future plans for collaborating with Vivek-Mervin and bringing their music to a wider audience? Are there any specific goals or strategies you have in mind to continue promoting their work?

Na Na Na Na was our second association with Vivek-Mervin and it has been a great pleasure collaborating with them. We are committed to promoting Vivek-Mervin’s work in the greatest way possible and will be coming out with new content in the near future. We will be actively exploring strategic relationships for them across music platforms, streaming services, and digital content providers in order to maximise Vivek-Mervin’s music’s visibility and reach. There will be marketing campaigns geared to Vivek-Mervin’s music and target audience, utilising a variety of digital marketing channels such as social media advertising, influencer collaborations, and targeted internet promotion. We intend to keep promoting Vivek-Mervin’s work and bringing their music to a broader audience. We are committed to their artistic vision and will collaborate with them to make it a reality.

In the digital age, where streaming platforms play a crucial role in music consumption, how does Divo navigate the ever-evolving landscape of the music industry to ensure maximum exposure for the artists you represent?
We are living in highly evolving times and at a fast pace. To continue offering and growing business in the right manner, we at Divo are focused on embracing digital platforms, developing strategic relationships, utilizing data-driven decision making, focusing on content development and engagement, and remaining adaptable and innovative. Our experience of the last decade and the ability to navigates with time, has helped us till now and we will continue to do so. Navigating the ever-changing music industry landscape is a primary focus for us in order to maximize visibility for the artists we represent.
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