Divo joins forces with Vivek-Mervin for catchy track ‘Na Na Na Na’ amid Warner Music India’s impactful acquisition

Prittle Prattle News in conversation with Vivek-Mervin

Can you tell us about the inspiration behind your latest single “Na Na Na Na” and what message or emotions you aimed to convey through the song?

Na Na Na Na is a very special song for us. Indian music has always had iconic rain songs which have become such popular hits. We wanted to try our hand in the same space and Na Na Na Na is the answer to it. The song is all about rain and romance.

The song combines traditional Tamil musical elements with modern composition. How did you approach blending these two styles together, and what challenges did you face during the creative process?

Na Na Na Na was composed in about 20 minutes on a rainy afternoon in Chennai. We believe in keeping our music creation process simple and effortless because that will keep the end product catchy and accessible for the audience. Na Na Na Na is in a chill pop genre and it has an underlying Arabian influence. We love listening to world music and our music also has elements of the same. We wanted a soundscape that would integrate the sounds of rain and the melody seamlessly.

The lyrics of “Na Na Na Na” are penned by Vishnu Edavan. How did the collaboration with the lyricist contribute to the overall essence and storytelling of the song?

Vishnu Edavan is a young and talented lyricist and multi-faceted personality. We believe that music and lyrics for any piece of music need to complement each other to elevate the emotion. In this song, our lyric writing process was a breeze. Once we all came to a consensus that this song was going to be about rain and romance, the rest just fell into place. Vishnu is a spontaneous writer who will come up with ideas and sentences in a jiffy. We had the entire song written in 30 minutes and we were kicked about the song already.

Could you share some insights into the performances by Saraswathi Menon and Anthony Hadlee in the song? How did their contributions enhance the overall impact of the composition?

We are glad to have these two hardworking and committed talents on board. This song was shot entirely under rain and they had to brave the constant downpour of rain for 16 hours. They have been spending a lot of time with the choreographer Apasar and director Hariharan fine tuning the dance moves, ahead of the shoot. We are glad to see such positive feedback about the dance portions and their on-screen chemistry.

“Na Na Na Na” is digitally distributed by Divo, one of India’s leading digital media and music companies. How has Divo played a role in amplifying the reach of your music and connecting with the right audience?
Divo has been a pioneer in the field of digital music distribution for years now and incidentally our debut film album release “Vadacurry. Iin 2012 was also in collaboration with Divo and we are glad to associate with them on our independent music journey too. They have been providing 360-degree support in terms of marketing, distribution, and creative support and have been closely working with us in furthering our vision.
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