GCF’s Trailblazing Journey from Ads to Cinema: Unlocking Creativity in the Digital Era

Manan Bhatt, Director & Co- Founder at Green Chutney Films shares insights on pioneering Digital Storytelling in an exclusive interview with Prittle Prattle News

In the vibrant world of digital media, GCF (Green Chutney Films) emerges as a beacon of innovation and storytelling prowess. At the helm, Manan Bhatt, Co-founder and Creative Head, blends business savvy with a deep-seated passion for cinema, steering the company into uncharted territories of digital and TV commercials. In an exclusive interview with Prittle Prattle News, Manan delves into the essence of Green Chutney Films’ success, revealing the creative philosophy and aspirational projects that distinguish their brand in a competitive industry.

  • Journey to Success: Reflecting on GCF’s journey from its founding to becoming a creative force in digital and TV commercials, what have been the key factors to your success?

GCF began with a simple goal: bringing great stories to the forefront and garnering people’s appreciation for ads reminiscing the good old days. Our dedicated team of writers and filmmakers fearlessly expressed their talents, as proud newcomers in advertising. We focused on delivering excellent customer experiences through detailed processes. Our approach emphasises collaboration with brands, aiming to be more than just another vendor.

  • Creative Philosophy: How does GCF maintain its creative edge in a competitive industry? Can you share insights into your team’s creative philosophy and how it influences your projects?

GCF thrives on taking risks, encouraging every team member to take initiative and actively engage with diverse voices to bring fresh perspectives to our projects. By fostering an environment where creativity flourishes at all levels, we ensure that our work remains dynamic and impactful in the ever-evolving landscape of the industry.

  • Significant Projects: Among the diverse projects GCF has undertaken, which one stands out to you as particularly impactful or challenging, and why?

Our IPL TVC featuring Hardik Pandya was both fun and challenging. We grasped the category insight, and breezed through the daunting task of crafting a 10-second narrative. Through our relentless pursuit of uniqueness and innovation, we successfully delivered a standout advertisement that resonated with our audience.

  • Client-Centric Approach: How does GCF’s customer-centric approach influence the way you engage with and deliver on client expectations?

From our Producers to our Writers, we all share a profound sense of responsibility towards the brands we work with. Our primary objective is to ensure an exceptional experience for our clients. At every stage, we stand ready to assist brands, leveraging AI within our workflows and schedules to uphold precision and transparency during project execution. This empowers them to track progress on a daily basis.

  • Navigating Challenges: Facing tight deadlines and high expectations, how does GCF ensure quality and timely delivery without compromise?

We attribute our success to a well-oiled team, which is our greatest asset. During moments of pressure and tight timelines, we rally together, encouraging a culture of leadership and open communication. We make a solid team – where everyone plays a crucial role, navigates challenges with efficiency and strives to achieve our objectives without compromise.

  • Embracing Change: With GCF stepping into the production of feature films and documentaries, how are you navigating the challenges and opportunities this expansion presents?
In both our Ad Film and Fiction Film divisions, we’re passionate about telling compelling stories that reflect modern times. Just as we’ve supported fresh talent in ad filmmaking, we’re eager to back new voices with unique tales.
The biggest challenge in the competitive film industry is to find the right partners for financing and distribution. We seek collaborators who share our enthusiasm for our stories and help bring them to the world, inspiring audiences and shaping the future of cinema.
  • Vision for the Future: As GCF looks to the future, what are your aspirations for the company in the evolving digital entertainment landscape?
In the coming years, we see GCF leading the way as a premium video content house. Our aim is to be the go-to source for captivating narratives, both locally and globally. We’re committed to delivering strategic branded content, compelling fiction, and thought-provoking documentaries that redefine storytelling. We constantly push our creative boundaries while focusing on quality and impact.
  • Advice for the Next Generation: For individuals aspiring to make their mark in the digital entertainment and storytelling world, what guidance would you offer based on your experiences?
For aspiring filmmakers, my advice, purely informed by our experiences along the journey is simple: keep creating and pushing the boundaries of your craft. Quality work speaks for itself and will always find its audience.
Manan Bhatt’s visionary leadership and Green Chutney Films’ dedication to storytelling excellence carve a unique path in the realm of digital entertainment. As they venture into new creative territories, their journey is a testament to the power of innovation and the enduring allure of great stories. With Prittle Prattle News shining a spotlight on their achievements, Manan and his team are poised to redefine the boundaries of filmmaking and digital content creation.
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