This is how 5,000 known planets outside our solar system sound

The cosmos has billions of worlds, and Nasa has begun to scratch the surface by discovering 5000 exoplanets hidden in plain sight in deep space. The American space agency has discovered 65 new planets beyond our solar system, bringing the total number of known planets in the last three decades to almost 5000.

According to Nasa, these 5000 planets are tiny, rocky worlds like Earth. There are “super-Earths,” which are potentially more significant rocky worlds than our own, and “mini-Neptunes,” which are smaller copies of our system’s Neptune.

Nasa has tracked humanity’s discovery of planets outside our solar system over time in a 360-degree animation and sonification. The space agency has now provided a 3D visualization of these planets’ locations in outer space and a surprising surprise. You may also listen to these planets’ pings.

Engineers have converted the data into sounds, allowing consumers to hear the discovery rate while also receiving extra information from the notes themselves. The noises were provided by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which monitors Near-Earth Objects (NEOs) in the sky.

As each exoplanet is found, a circle emerges in the sky at its location. The size of the process represents the relative size of the planet’s orbit, and the color represents the planet detection method used to discover it. According to Nasa, the music is made by playing notes for each newly found world. The pitch of the message shows the planet’s relative orbital period. Planets that circle their stars more slowly are heard as lower notes, whereas planets that orbit more swiftly are perceived as higher sounds.

“It’s more than just a number. Each one is a brand-new world, a brand-new planet. Jessie Christiansen, a research scientist at Caltech’s Nasa Exoplanet Science Institute, said in a statement.

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