Tips for Staying Healthy and Fit in Summer, from Drinking Plenty of Water to Avoiding Spicy Food

The arrival of summer in March needs a change in habit, a new diet, and, of course, a new training plan suited for the weather. Warm weather makes your body more susceptible to many diseases; thus, particular health measures must be taken to guarantee that you stay fit and well during the summer.

Consume lots of water:

Summer heat and sweat may dry your body, causing dizziness, weariness, and headaches. It is critical to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Drink coconut water, lemonade, buttermilk, lassi, or juice to hydrate your body.

Eat no greasy or spicy foods:

It is essential to have healthy, nutritious, and easy home-cooked meals during the summer. Consumption of greasy and spicy meals might result in dyspepsia. Throughout the season, consume as many green vegetables and fruits as possible. Consider the following fruits and vegetables: cantaloupe, watermelon, cucumber, cucumber, mango, and others. Consume less fatty meals. To avoid heatstroke and dehydration, drink mango Panna, sattu, bael syrup, buttermilk, and lassi.

Every day, you should exercise:

Some individuals skip exercising in the summer to escape the heat. This is not a good idea. In the morning, one should continue to practice Yoga and meditation. Avoid walking, running, or cycling in direct sunlight. Light activities should be performed to keep you from feeling sluggish.

Drinking cold water after being out in the sun is not advised:
When they go home from being out in the sun, some individuals want to sip cool water. This practice is the leading cause of sore throats, colds, and flu. It is best to start with a glass of plain water. After that, you can consume an energy drink, juice, buttermilk, or coconut water.
Alter your attire:
When you arrive home from being out in the sun, change your sweaty clothing. Sweaty fabric promotes the growth of germs on the skin, resulting in skin problems such as prickly heat and rashes.

The authored article is written by Sejal Wakkar and shared with  Prittle Prattle News exclusively.

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