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Conspiracy Theories Report 2022: Why Do Humans Agree Into Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy Theories efficient ways of magnifying any particular conspiracy

More than one-third of Americans Conspiracy Theories believe that global warming is a hoax

More Conspiracy Theories than one-third of Americans believe that global warming is a hoax. 1 A whopping 49% of New Yorkers believe the US government was involved in the 9/11 attacks.

2 More than half of Americans believe Lee Harvey Oswald was not acting alone in the killing of John F. Kennedy. Finally, approximately 37% of Americans believe that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) purposefully prevents the public from accessing natural cancer treatments.

Conspiracy theories are quite common and appear to be present in all modern and traditional civilizations. There has never been researching finding a society that does not have some form of conspiracy ideas.

A conspiracy theory rejects the conventional explanation for an occurrence and blames a covert group or organization for carrying out a hidden plot.

Conspiracy theories are based on the concept of powerful groups of individuals carrying out covert acts concealed from public observation. This implies that they would be exceedingly tough to refute. Consequently, a conspiracy theorist is inclined to assume that everyone who attempts to disprove their idea is in on it and part of the conspiracy.

There is no indication that conspiracy theories are more prevalent now than in previous eras. There are just far more effective and efficient ways of magnifying any particular conspiracy. Any thought, no matter how fanciful, may now move at the speed of Wi-Fi.

The internet enables social media and other news outlets to broadcast any viewpoint. Customers are fed more and more of a concept depending on their interest in a belief system since social media platforms, mainly, are intended to promote user engagement. This resulted in two or more simultaneous streams of information and radically different interpretations of the

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