The value of nature to our health

health building bricks away in a dangerous worldwide game of Jenga.

Every day, health nature works wonders for us, from providing breathtaking views and preventing floods to managing the weather and ensuring that we have clean water, healthy air, and plenty of food.

It’s easy to overlook health that our lives would be more challenging and poorer if we didn’t have healthy soils and various plant and animal species doing their jobs.

In the summer, trees in cities keep us calm and trap pollutants. Bees pollinate our crops, ensuring that we have food on our tables and in our bellies. Even the much-despised wasps have certain benefits, such as aphid control.

We will be lost as a visitor without a map app without diversified wildlife and a healthy functioning natural environment, no matter how clever we have grown as a species.

Natural disasters

Tropical woods, which just a few genes away from humanity, regulate world temperatures and sustain a diverse range of wild animals, from medicinal berries to gorillas and other primates. Nonetheless, forests are being cut down for logging, mining, and livestock grazing.

Mangroves absorb storm surges, and tiny fry is protected from large fish until they are ready to venture out into the open sea. Coastal development, on the other hand, is destroying mangroves.

In a dangerous global game of Jenga, we’re eliminating crucial links in the safety chain of life – taking away life’s building blocks.

Healthy seas and oceans regulate the temperature of the world. But, as we over-exploit the oceans for short-term profit, we weaken their capacity to do so by making them acidic through our inefficient energy policies and eliminating species.

Sharks, tuna, and other top predators are being removed from the oceans, allowing squid and jellyfish to take their position in the food chain. In less than a century, this is disrupting millions of years of natural equilibrium.

We’re rashly deleting crucial links in life’s safety chain – yanking life’s building bricks away in a dangerous worldwide game of Jenga.

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