Impact of social media on our life

Social media is a platform to connect with people all around the world. But have you ever thought of how it affects our life? It is such a powerful medium that it has changed our life completely. Earlier, people used to have instead of face-to-face conversations and after the covid-19 outbreak, people have started spending more time online. Now, even small children are well aware of how it works. Such things influence our minds in a positive as well as a negative way.

We all know communication is one of the most important elements in a relationship. It can be formal or informal too. The most common social media platforms are Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. These platforms help us interact, share new content, and collaborate with people. It helps us reach the audience in the most effective way. It is beneficial in terms of a professional manner as well. Today we can see people share news, upcoming events, and ongoing events of life on such platforms. It sometimes helps people to have a better understanding of the topic or give their opinions on it.

Social media helps us in advertising too! So, where do people know about all the new products and their usage? Instagram is one of the best mediums for people to post tutorials on product usage by making reels. Firms also depend on social media platforms to reach their target audience by posting creative and interactive posts. You can see that all these are positive sides of social media. So, does it have a negative side too?

One of the social media’s disadvantages is distraction. A notification pops up on your screen and boom! You cannot take your eyes off it. Also, rumors spread so easily on social media. Sometimes, it is also a waste of time. You keep on scrolling and end up realizing after hours that you have spent so much time on it. It not only is a wastage of time but also affects us health-wise.

Have you ever started scrolling posts on such platforms at night and ended up turning it off hours later? Well, this affects our sleep routine as well as causes pain in the eyes. People going through a sad phase, do get affected mentally. It results in depression and loneliness. 

Thus, using such platforms within a limit and only for required purposes is recommended. It will not help in getting better outputs but also work as a source of satisfaction.

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