Top 5 series on Netflix you do not want to miss!

Netflix is the most in-demand service in the media industry. It has been giving us the best content to watch every time. So viewers, when was the last time you watched one of the best series on Netflix? A month ago? A week ago? Here, we have come up with a list of recent top 5 series that one must watch.

On top, we have one of the most binge-able shows named Bridgerton. It was created by Chris Van Dusen and produced by Shondaland. Why watch this series? Here’s why. A family prioritizes the wealth and status of the groom to marry off their daughters. An era in England with a mixture of drama, colorful costumes, and lavish mansions. Bridgerton has been in the top 10 list of Netflix for almost eleven weeks now. So, do watch a show that’s trending for weeks!

Got a lot of free time? Here comes the second top series you can watch, “Stranger Things”. It’s an American fiction horror drama series with four long seasons to binge-watch. Teenagers of this generation who like imagining supernatural forces and experimenting secretly, what are you waiting for? This show includes the unraveling of extraordinary mysteries with awesome soundtracks, characterization, and acting.

Crime, Drama, Action! Ever thought of a show that has all of them? Well, the third recommendation is Peaky Blinder starring one of the most famous actors, Cillian Murphy. Peaky Blinders, a gang led by one of the most dangerous men Thomas Shelby, would do anything to rise up in the world. So who do you think led to the end of his actions? Do watch now to find out more!

Ozark is a series full of dark humor, twists, and flashbacks. Most importantly, a show that will keep you engaged for all four seasons. A drama in which the main character has to shift his family to Chicago as he faces a money-laundering scheme led to a debt. What do you think, will the family ever reconnect? Basically, do not miss any chance of watching this amazing suspenseful series.

Want to watch something that will make you laugh every minute? Well, Rowan Atkinson is back with a series “Man vs Bee”. A comedy series, where a homeless man takes care of a luxurious mansion when the owners are away. Who knew Trevor’s life would be changed upside down by a Bee? Watch now and find out what went wrong!

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