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Prittle Prattle News in conversation with Dr. Prashant, a neonatal specialist, and pediatrician on the baby spa and hydrotherapy

Dyu Healthcare is a comprehensive healthcare provider primarily caring for women, men, and children. We aim to provide a one-stop solution for the complete family, offering a wide range of technologically advanced and non-invasive treatments.

What does your company do? Your role in it?

At Dyu Healthcare, we specialize in addressing women’s health issues beyond delivering the baby. Our center is equipped with state-of-the-art non-invasive technologies to treat urinary problems in both men and women, such as incontinence. Our electromagnetic chair provides a safe and effective solution for this condition. We also offer a non-invasive and non-surgical mommy makeover, including removing stretch marks, pigmentation, and a belly fat reduction program. Our innovative EMsculpt Neo/Evolve X utilizes HIFEM electromagnetic technology, approved by the US FDA delivers 20,000 abdominal contractions in just 30 minutes. With 4-6 sessions, our clients can experience a reduction of up to 3-4 inches of belly fat, making it a popular choice among celebrities.

Dyu Healthcare also offers a range of non-invasive cosmetic solutions, including Jet Peel, minimally invasive Morpheus, and Forma treatments that utilize radiofrequency to stimulate collagen production. These treatments provide excellent results and are suitable for all skin types, ensuring safety and minimal downtime. Furthermore, we provide trending PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) face and PRP hair treatments, which have proven to be highly effective.

In 2016, Dyu Healthcare introduced India’s first baby spa, offering a unique experience for babies. Our baby spa provides swimming sessions, massages, cleansing, baby manicures, and pedicures. These activities enhance babies’ cognitive and motor skills, providing a rejuvenating experience in a completely safe and sterile environment under medical supervision.

Dyu IVF Center is a pioneer in India, establishing the world’s first Smart IVF Center. We provide couples with a smart card equipped with RFID tagging, ensuring a 300% guarantee of no mix-up of samples. Our IVF Center utilizes nano-robotic technology for ICSE procedures and offers end-to-end embryoscope monitoring with time-lapse video recording, enabling the selection of the best gametes. As a result, our success rates have significantly improved compared to industry standards. Additionally, we offer laser hatching to address the repeated failure of IVF procedures, further enhancing success rates.

Dyu Child Care provides a unique space for children, offering consultation, preterm OPD care, vaccination services, and point-of-ultrasound care for diagnosing child-related issues. We have non-invasive hemoglobin assessment and non-invasive jaundice measurement capabilities. Furthermore, our Child Development Center specializes in supporting and caring for special needs children with developmental issues.

Dyu Woman Care offers laparoscopy and comprehensive solutions for all gynecological problems. We are proud to be the first in India to introduce a Gynec Cosmetology Center, providing non-invasive procedures such as vaginal tightening, intimate area lightening, and labioplasty. These office-based procedures have minimal downtime or no downtime at all. Additionally, we offer a solution for men with erectile dysfunction using the US FDA-approved Emsella chair.

Our advanced laser technology is highly effective in relieving snoring issues through laser shots, with zero downtime and a non-invasive approach. Clients can experience up to a 50% improvement in snoring after just two sessions. Dyu Cosmetic Center is the only center in India that offers all major technologies of lasers, radiofrequency, and electromagnetic stimulation under one roof, providing comprehensive cosmetic solutions for the face, body, fat reduction, anti-aging, wellness, hair, and intimate areas.

In summary, Dyu Healthcare is a leading healthcare provider dedicated to providing comprehensive and technologically advanced solutions for the entire family. We strive to deliver safe and effective treatments with minimal downtime, ensuring the well-being and satisfaction of our clients.

As the Director and Founder of this prestigious establishment, I proudly serve as a consultant neonatologist and pediatrician for DYU Healthcare, providing comprehensive solutions for your entire family.

Evolution in the past few years in the industry you work in. Your contribution to the betterment?

Technology integration within the medical field has experienced significant advancements in recent years, resulting in improved success rates and outcomes. As a practicing neonatologist and pediatrician for the past 16 years, I have witnessed firsthand the need to introduce cutting-edge technology to address the public’s medical issues. At DYU Healthcare, we have embraced a forward-thinking approach, bringing India’s most advanced global technologies under one roof.

Our endeavor has been a game-changer in various domains, including IVF fertility, cosmetic procedures, gynecology, and pediatric care. By adopting a futuristic perspective, we have revolutionized the way these fields operate, providing patients with state-of-the-art solutions previously unavailable in India.

Through the integration of advanced technology, we have enhanced the success rates and overall outcomes in the medical procedures we offer. By leveraging the latest advancements in IVF fertility treatments, we have increased the chances of successful conception for couples struggling with infertility. Additionally, in the field of cosmetic procedures, we have introduced innovative techniques and equipment, enabling patients to achieve their desired aesthetic goals with improved safety and precision.

Moreover, our focus on gynecology has allowed us to bring forth groundbreaking advancements in diagnosing and treating various reproductive health issues. By utilizing cutting-edge imaging technology and minimally invasive procedures, we have enhanced the accuracy of diagnoses and improved patient experiences.

In the realm of pediatric care, we have leveraged technological advancements to provide optimal care for children. By utilizing advanced medical devices and diagnostic tools, we can more effectively diagnose and monitor pediatric conditions, resulting in better treatment outcomes and improved overall well-being for young patients.

Overall, our commitment to integrating advanced technology into the medical field has played a vital role in enhancing the quality of care and treatment options available to the public. Through our efforts at DYU Healthcare, we strive to continue pushing the boundaries of innovation, ensuring that our patients receive the best possible medical care while setting new standards in the industry.

How did the company raise funding, or are you looking forward to the same?Top of Form

The company has primarily relied on bootstrapping as its funding source thus far, without raising any external funds or taking out loans. Our objective is to provide specialized care without any obligations or constraints. We strive to offer advanced services at the most affordable prices, ensuring accessibility for all. While we currently do not have immediate plans to raise funds, we foresee exploring funding opportunities in the future as we progress to later stages.

Explain Post Covid-19 Scenario by 2030 for the company and your career?  

In the post-COVID-19 scenario by 2030, we envision a transformative era where the integration of technology and the medical field has taken a significant leap forward. The pandemic has unequivocally demonstrated that technology has the power to reach and benefit the masses in a remarkably short period. As a company, we recognize this tremendous potential and are committed to investing in its growth by bringing forth the concept of Technomedicine to the people.

Our primary objective is to expand our reach and presence across all major cities in the next five years. By establishing centers in strategic locations, we aim to make quality healthcare services easily accessible to a larger population. To ensure sustainability and seamless operations, we intend to develop each center as self-sustaining entities, capable of serving the community’s medical needs effectively.

In our pursuit to become a renowned medical institution, we aspire to be the leading referral center for all In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) cases. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and expert medical professionals, we aim to provide comprehensive and advanced solutions in the field of reproductive medicine. Our commitment to non-invasive procedures extends beyond IVF, as we strive to be recognized as the go-to center for cosmetic treatments with effective results. We believe in offering our patients a personalized, customer-friendly experience that is both cost-effective and delivers luxurious care.

In order to achieve our vision, we will continuously upgrade our technological infrastructure, fostering innovation and collaboration within our organization. By investing in research and development, we aim to stay at the forefront of medical advancements, ensuring that our patients receive the best possible care and outcomes. We also recognize the importance of cultivating a skilled and compassionate workforce, as they play a pivotal role in delivering exceptional healthcare services.

As we navigate the post-COVID-19 landscape, we remain steadfast in our commitment to improving the lives of individuals through the amalgamation of technology and medicine. By expanding our reach, embracing innovation, and prioritizing patient-centric care, we aim to establish ourselves as a leading force in the healthcare industry by 2030.

Why did you choose this industry over any other space?

Dr. Jyoti Bandi and I, as highly qualified doctors specializing in pediatric and gynecology respectively, have consistently recognized the potential in various areas such as IVF, cosmetic procedures, pediatric care, and women’s wellness. We understand that the health and well-being of women and children are paramount concerns for the masses, and introducing advanced technology in these domains has the potential to revolutionize the field.

Inspiring quote for aspiring youth.

Never hesitate to experiment with your dreams, but donot be foolish, take time to understand what you want to do and have patience in reaching there. Dreams or success cant be achieved overnight. Enjoy what you do, do what you enjoy.

Do you like participating in CSR initiatives, and what motivates you?

We are committed to allocating a portion of our earnings towards providing educational support for orphaned children. Our primary focus lies in engaging in corporate social responsibility initiatives that aim to empower and educate these vulnerable youngsters.

Would you like to name a few people who helped you the most in your professional upliftment

Our Parents And Inlaws, Dy Uppar, Padmavathi, Sumithra, Puttaswamy Gowda, Sunita, Umesh, Sharan, Vijay, Chandrashekar, Kusuma

Could you elaborate on the challenges you encountered while establishing and retaining?    

Since introducing the advancement technology to India, our most significant obstacle lies in raising public and medical professionals’ awareness regarding our innovative solutions and their transformative potential. As pioneers in this field, we hold a distinct advantage as the first movers. Nevertheless, our primary challenge lies in diligently cultivating awareness among the target audience.

Any Success routine you would like to suggest
There are no quick routes to achieving success. It requires diligent effort, unwavering focus, persistent determination, and the ability to embrace and learn from mistakes. It is also important to build a strong team to succeed.

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