Yudiz Solutions: An innovative in-house talent team of 450+ aligns trending technologies – Blockchain, AI/ML, AR/VR, and Metavers

Prittle Prattle News in conversation with Mr. Bharat Patel – Chairman & Director, Yudiz Solutions Ltd.

What does your company do? Your role in it?

Yudiz Solutions is a leading Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Game Development Company, equally engaged in Mobile App, Web, Web 3.0, and  Metaverse Development. At the core, Yudiz is an IT company, an altruist where exemplary scalable tech solutions are developed and panned out with a superlative tech stack. It is a comradeship enabled by a tech-ecosystem built collectively, where an innovative in-house talent team of 450+ aligns trending technologies like Blockchain, AI/ML, AR/VR, and Metaverse to provide solutions that would help organizations and enterprises grow substantially.

Speaking of my role, I, as a spearhead, oversee synergizing IT market trends into our smart solutions and strategizing accordingly. I don’t restrict myself to a given slot of involvement primarily in goal-centric initiatives, but I optically serve a strong presence in the entire suite of services at Yudiz.

Evolution in the past few years in the industry you work in. Your contribution to the betterment?

The evolution in the industry I have been in over the past few years has been remarkable, thanks to AI and Blockchain technology advancements. AI has made its presence felt across various industries and has revolutionized automation on a large scale, benefiting businesses and individuals in many ways. It has expedited digital development and enhanced digital resilience by replacing time-consuming processes with instant results, undoubtedly a significant positive outcome.

In today’s age, AI-powered ventures have experienced significant progress in multiple ways. The seamless integration of AI with human capabilities has made a substantial contribution on a global scale, leading to significant advancements in various sectors. AI has become integral to our daily lives while pushing the boundaries for enterprises in production, management, development, supply chain, and customer service processes. The value AI brings to these areas is a no-brainer.

Having said that, my ultimate vision is to continue nurturing scalable tech solutions’ development in multiple facets. Considering AI as the most trending facet of technology and its future potential, we at Yudiz aim for an even pivotal AI inclusion. The aim is to provide extensive value to clients by developing cost-effective, sustainable, and scalable AI-powered end-to-end software solutions like AI-mobile apps, AI-integrated Games, and AI business models for Healthcare, Fintech, Gaming, Food & Beverages, and other segments.

In short, I aim to keep facilitating a range of industries with sustainable, affordable, and rich stack tech solutions.

Any Success routine you would like to suggest?

When it comes to the success routine, there is a specific approach that has been fundamental to Yudiz since its inception. The approach mainly revolves around Collaboration, Nurturing young talents, and Aligning our tech services with regulatory frameworks.

To thrive as an enterprise, putting together and building a team of talented professionals is important. However, it is equally important to ensure compliance with relevant regulations. At Yudiz, we strive to stay abreast of the latest technological trends and provide a platform for young talent to grow. We believe in the power of synergy.

We synergize emerging market trends with the expertise and skills of our dynamic in-house talent pool to benefit our clients. We ensure the solutions are feasible while optimizing standard research and development processes to the core. This approach ultimately benefits our users.

How did the company raise funding, or are you looking forward to the same?

As a Chairman &  Director of Yudiz, I have ensured the venture does not bootstrap or sink in for funding. It has been an unspoken rule for me to develop and make it thrive as a self-funded enterprise since its inception in 2011. As we scale up, we want to raise funds through the IPO route. We have received various approvals and plan to launch the IPO very soon.

Explain Post Covid-19 Scenario by 2030 for the company and your career.

Explaining the post-Covid scenario by 2030 for the company and my career involves much speculation due to the unpredictable nature of technological trends and the impact of the pandemic. However, I can say that significant trends such as AI will continue to shape the future and we will simultaneously keep contributing with the right path.

In the wake of the pandemic, our entire work landscape underwent a transformation, and we as an IT and Gaming company, like other industries such as Fintech, Health, and E-commerce, will embrace and further accelerate the adoption of automation. The team at Yudiz will experience modified work processes with minimal managerial and in-person interactions, leveraging AI to its fullest potential. Considering the traditional shift of tech trends from simple reliance to the incorporation of automation at each level, AI will continue to be a bandwagon. By 2030, I believe it will provide greater value-based advantages. As an AI development company, we aim to continue delivering extensive solutions to our clients.

But, as I mentioned earlier, staying attuned to emerging trends is at the core of our services.  Accordingly, we will adapt our processes, embracing a cookie-less and paperless “phygital” approach. I strongly believe in facilitating this transition for our in-house talent pool at Yudiz, ensuring they can navigate the evolving landscape.

Why did you choose this industry over any other space?
What led me to choose this industry over any other space is my undying passion for technology, my desire to develop standard tech solutions using trending technologies, and collaboration with like-minded proficient professionals. There is something in technology that keeps me connected to the core of curating sustainable and cost-effective solutions. It is like being a bridging catalyst between those who want to utilize technology to improve their end results, be it individuals or organizations, and the technology itself.
This industry allows me to explore various genres, including gaming, fintech, and e-commerce, alongside the talented experts within my team at Yudiz. It offers an opportunity for continuous learning, growth, and collaboration, which aligns perfectly with my aspirations and allows me to make a meaningful impact.
Inspiring quote for aspiring youth.
Continuous awareness is the key to thriving consistently in any industry. Success is imperative if one strikes a balance between seizing the opportunity to create and rightly reflecting on a particular expected framework.
Do you like participating in CSR initiatives, and what motivates you?
Yes, giving back to society is something we strongly believe in. And, rightly, as an enterprise, we have a strong commitment to CSR activities. In addition to primary social activities and assistance, we have been able to deliver apps with intuitive interfaces for specially-abled children. The whole idea is to leave no stone unturned for the users collectively to deliver a superior digital experience and ease. We also support an NGO engaged in various social uplift, education, and farming initiatives by optimizing resources, tools, and technologies.
Could you elaborate on the challenges you encountered while establishing and retaining?
It surely was not easy or an overnight success. There were ups and downs and challenges like any enterprise of our size and vision would naturally face. But, when we founded Yudiz in 2011, our vision was to build a platform large enough to work with trending technologies and give it back to users in the most feasible way.
But, of all the challenges, the biggest was pooling in the talents and expertise that matched our vision. It was the most difficult process to endure. An enterprise needs the right set of talents and workforce to ensure niche product development and service delivery. In our case, where data, algorithms, automation, and multiple tech facets have to be collected and variably managed and leveraged, it does not come naturally to every individual. Our core vision of attracting fresh talents for collaboration was the kick. Also, being an IT company aiming to bring solutions incorporating the trending technologies, we had to rely majorly on foreign countries for tech infrastructure initially. To face the competition and evaluate our services while balancing our core values as an enterprise against the competitors was difficult. But, gradually, we steered up and managed to scale our services and eventually started earning recognition in mega-events and by industry flag bearers.
Winning recognition as a Leading Blockchain Development Company and awards like Game Developer of the Year at Gamex accentuated our visibility and profile. Eventually, all the pieces seem to have come together, with Yudiz being named as one of the Best Companies across genres and bagging ICT Emerging Tech Leader, Best Blockchain Studio at Web3 Summit, and even at the G2G event as Best Skill Games Tech Provider. This is very special for all of us at Yudiz since, as I mentioned earlier, collaboration is one of our core ethos.
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