ROI Methodology has benefited over 50,000 professionals, 9,000 organizations, 70 countries, and Fortune 500 companies

Prittle Prattle News in conversation with Mr. Hormazd Mistry, CEO, of ROI Institute India

Founded by Jack J. Phillips, Ph.D. and Patti P. Phillips, Ph.D., in 1992, ROI Institute, Inc., is a service-driven, industry leader in measurement and evaluation. Both the founders and owners of the ROI Institute possess an impressive collective experience of 50 years in assessing and evaluating various programs and initiatives such as training, human resources, technology, and quality. As renowned authorities in the field of return on investment (ROI), their expertise sets them apart as leading experts in the industry.

The ROI Methodology® was developed by Dr. Jack J. Phillips in the 1970s and globally implemented in the 1990s. ROI Institute has worked with several Fortune 500 companies and government agencies, NPOs, NGOs including United Nations organizations. The ROI Institute operates through a vast network of partners and associates, spanning over 70 countries. They have assisted over 50,000 professionals and 9,000 organizations with measuring and evaluating programs in 22 applications.

ROI Institute’s expertise lies in developing and implementing comprehensive range of services such as consulting and research projects for organizations, customized internal workshops, public ROI Certification workshops that enable professionals to earn the designation of Certified ROI Professional® (CRP®), and release books and industry research papers on measurement and evaluation.

Q. What does your company do? Your role in it?
Ans. I’m the CEO of ROI Institute India. ROI Institute, Inc., founded in 1992 by Dr. Jack J. Phillips and Dr. Patti P. Phillips, is a service-driven organization that assists professionals in improving programs and processes by using the ROI Methodology®. With 50 years of combined experience, the founders are distinguished experts in assessing diverse programs, including training, human resources, technology, and quality. The globally implemented ROI Methodology® has benefited over 50,000 professionals and 9,000 organizations across 70 countries in 22 applications, including Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and non-profit organizations, including United Nations organizations.

Q. Evolution in the past few years in the industry you work in. Your contribution to the betterment?
Ans: The way C-Suite leaders and senior executives look at service-driven programs has changed completely. From an erstwhile view of “Show Me!” where they were interested in knowing the impact of a program or initiative, it has now moved to a viewpoint of “Show Me the Real Money, And Make Me Believe It!” where they want to compare the money accrued to the cost of the program or initiative. It is a significant change where professionals now need to be able to show the real impact and monetary benefits of their programs or initiatives. The ROI Institute, with the ROI Methodology, has been at the forefront of leading professionals toward embracing this change. Over 14000 professionals globally have gone through our ROI Certification program, equipping them with the tools, skills, and knowledge required to navigate this changing scenario

Q. Any success routine you would like to suggest
Ans: Develop a success routine by setting clear goals, prioritizing tasks, and maintaining a disciplined focus. Embrace continuous learning, adaptability, and resilience in the face of challenges. Surround yourself with a supportive network, practice self-care, and consistently take action towards your goals. Success is built on consistency and perseverance.

Q. How did the company raise funding, or are you looking forward to the same?
Ans: ROI Institute India is a completely bootstrapped company. We have neither raised any funding nor are we looking to raise any funds.

Q. Explain Post Covid-19 Scenario by 2030 for the company and your career.
Ans: The post-COVID-19 outlook for ROI Institute India and my professional journey is highly positive. We have experienced a notable surge in demand for our services as businesses strive to prove the value of their programs and initiatives following the pandemic. In particular, I foresee our emphasis on data-driven decision-making will gain even more significance in the post-COVID-19 landscape. Companies capable of collecting and analysing data will be better equipped to make informed choices regarding resource allocation, granting them a competitive edge in the market. I am confident that we will continue to grow and succeed in the coming years.

Q. Why did you choose this industry over any other space?
Ans: Talent Management has always been close to my heart. My entire career has been in this space. It is a unique space that allows one to learn new skills and gain new knowledge at all times while utilizing the same to help others progress in their careers. For me, nothing is more fulfilling than using my skills, knowledge, and talent to shape the careers of others.

Q. Inspiring quote for aspiring youth.

Ans: Believe in yourself, embrace your dreams, overcome challenges, and let your brilliance shape the future.

Q. Do you like participating in CSR initiatives, and what motivates you?
Ans:  I am passionate about participating in CSR initiatives. What motivates me is the opportunity to help society through education, environmental sustainability or community development. It allows me to align our company values with meaningful actions, contributing to the greater good. The satisfaction of giving back and creating a better world drives my enthusiasm for CSR initiatives.
Q. Would you like to name a few people who helped you the most in your professional upliftment Ans: I have been blessed to receive support and guidance from my seniors throughout my career. People like Rohit Kandoth, Rishab Kohli, Zenette Dias, Craig Bongard, Sardek Love, Jack Phillips, Patti Phillips, and Tim Brock have all had a certain level of influence and contribution in helping me become the professional that I am today.
Q. Could you elaborate on the challenges you encountered while establishing and retaining?
Ans: I encountered various challenges during the establishment and retention phases. The initial struggle involved building a client base, establishing our brand reputation, and differentiating ourselves in a competitive market. Retaining clients requires consistently delivering exceptional services, adapting to evolving industry trends, and fostering long-term relationships. Additionally, attracting and retaining talent is a constant challenge. We continuously need to implement effective strategies that ensure we continue improving our brand value.
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