The Indian Culinary forum presents a series of chefs master classes to promote regional recipes

The Indian Culinary Forum (ICF) presents a series of Masterclasses to dig in deep and extract good and well-researched regional recipes from the roots of Indian cuisine which pays an emphasis on the usage of metals like iron, copper, brass et al and its effects.

These recipes will be a representation of our heritage and a learning experience for budding chefs.

The 10 stalwarts from the Food and Beverage industry coming together to present regional recipes, which will talk about the importance and science and its relevance to our roots.

During the period from 1-5 October of Masterclass, Chef Vinod Saini of VSP Hospitality prepared Punjabi Pindi Chana, Chef Ajay Chopra of Zion Hospitality prepared Hyderabadi Kachey Gosht (chicken) ki Biryani, Chef Sangeeta Dhar of Innovating Hospitality prepared Rajasthan special Bina Pani ki Roti/Mishri Roti, Chef Rohit Tokhi of Arete Hospitality Solutions prepared Hyderabadi Shammi Kabab.

From 7-12 October of Masterclass, Chef Nellu Kaura of Chef Kala to prepare Jodhpuri Daal Kachori with Khoba Roti, Chef Reena Mukherjee of Tripti by Cook with Reena to prepare Bengali Chapor Ghonto, Chef Anirudh Sethi of the Mad Fat Chef Hospitality to prepare Himachali Teliya Maa, Chef Rajeev Goyal of India Food Tour to prepare Old Delhi special Pipe ke Cholay, Home Chef Sneha Saikia to prepare Assamese Khaar and Chef Rajeev Janveja to prepare Fingermillet Halwa with Palm Jaggery.

“The concept of this year’s Chefs Master Class is Dhaatu aka Metal. in the absence of vitamins and mineral pills and tablets, people relied on cooking in metallic utensils for providing the body with essential minerals like iron and copper. The regional recipes of India are beautifully balanced, nutritious and tasty as well. In today’s time when a lot of processed food is available, reverting to tried and tested recipes not only is a healthy choice but also a chance to keep the tradition alive.”

Chef Davinder Kumar, President of Indian Culinary Forum informs,

“Through these specially curated workshops, not only will this unique online masterclass induct the participants into the basics of professional cooking but will also give you an insight into aspects of regional, well-researched recipes of our heritage. We will telecast the culinary competition LIVE on the digital/social media platforms of ICF. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from talented Masterchefs about the art and science of healthy food.”

Chef Vivek Saggar, General Secretary of Indian Culinary Forum added,

The Indian Culinary Forum is an association of Indian professional cooks.

It was founded in 1987 in New Delhi as an exclusive non-profit organisation dedicated entirely to the growth of India’s culinary art.

The goal of the Forum is to serve as a link, a forum, and an instrument for the enhancement and overall growth of the national chef community.

The World Association of Cooks Societies is a 110-nation fellowship of professional chefs’ organisations from throughout the world, representing nearly 9 million chefs.

The ICF’s many competitions, seminars, and events have an international culinary focus. The ICF’s broad objectives are as follows:
  • · To enhance international, the culinary prestige to India
  • · To encourage Indian nationals to consider a career within the hospitality industry
  • · To promote Indian Cuisine globally
  • · To help young chefs to hone culinary skills through training, workshops, and competition
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