Happy Holi: How about pairing your favorite Gujiyas with a pint of chilled beer?

The fun and colorful festival of Holi also marks the onset of summer, are you all ready to welcome the season with its best friend? a pint of beer! 2022 is the year of celebrating the new normal.

After two years of highs and lows everything around us has transformed and how, then why are we still sipping the age-old thandai on Holi? This year bring the spark in your Holi parties with a twist and replace that jug of thandai with pitchers of beer! Holi is full of delicacies that we all indulge in, the most common being the most versatile Indian desserts – Gujiya.

This flaky, rich dessert is the essence of Holi and goes well with anything and everything. But have you ever tried pairing your Gujiya with a chilled glass/pint of beer? If you haven’t, we say now is the time to try this deadly combination. A pint of chilled hoppy beer paired with the sweetness of Gujiya is no less than a treat to your tastebuds.

Flavors have become an important factor in driving the love for, and consumption of, beer. Consumers today are far more adventurous and willing to try new flavors. Beer is a generational product category, and for this generation, beer means a different flavor and a different experience for each occasion. This understanding of consumer preferences has helped beer brands like to build a strong connection with consumers.

Not only for its cooling effect and its soothing flavor, beer is also the preferred choice nowadays as it is a healthier and more responsible alcohol as compared to hard liquor. The low alcohol content in it vouches the population towards responsible drinking and decreases the chances of harmful social outcomes, making beer a better alternative to hard liquor.
It is also known to be less harmful to the health as beer is an all-natural alcohol; it is not made from preservatives and is only processed, which makes it a much smarter choice. So, this year, celebrate a boozy yet responsible Holi with chilled beer, sweet Gujiyas, lots of colour and your family and friends.

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