Your must-visit list of the top eight places to eat in Mumbai

Mumbai is a metropolis that seems to move a thousand miles per hour, yet finding time for eating is essential. After all, you are meant to enjoy your meals

You must on visiting these renowned restaurants in Mumbai if you are touring the area and want to sample some foods that genuinely scream Mumbai to you.

Mumbai is a metropolis that seems to move a thousand miles per hour, yet finding time for eating is essential. After all, you are meant to enjoy your meals. Mumbai’s top eateries highlight the country’s wide variety of exquisite flavors. The most excellent way to learn about the lengthy history of this tumultuous city is through its menus, which feature everything from Portuguese-Goan delicacies to migrant Parsi community cafés selling crispy Brun maskas (toasted buns) sure to get foodies excited. Mumbai is well-known for its parks, marketplaces, and museums, but its culinary scene can hold its own in any competition.

CSMT Canon Pav Bhaji

Amul Pav Bhaji and Cheese Pav Bhaji are the two excellent meals to try here. This little restaurant serves pav bhaji with a slab of Amul butter and is located directly across from the magnificent CSMT Station. A group of women run this establishment; they create the Pav Bhajis, take orders, clean the space, and run it throughout the day.

Lohar Chawl, Kyani’s

Well, it’s a common belief that you should have a substantial breakfast in the morning. Your only restaurant serving comfort cuisine is Kyani’s in Marine Lines. The most excellent foods to eat there are cakes, sodas, caramel custards, and egg dishes. They provide fast snacks like bun maskas and chicken samosas along with Irani tea. Kheema Pav has always been a personal favorite of mine and is still the finest in town. In business for more than a century, Kyani is one of Mumbai’s most well-known restaurants and is expected to remain for another 100 years.

Marine Drive’s Pizza By The Bay

This restaurant is on the opposite side of the famous Marine Drive and offers delicious pizzas, including one called Mumbai Masala Pizza, which is a must-try. They also have a great breakfast menu with fantastic pizza that you will surely adore.

CSMT Aram Vadapav

Vada pavs, bhajis, samosas, and drinks are popular in the little shops directly across from the famous CSMT station. They charge a little bit more for their vada pavs than other neighborhood vendors, but they are well worth it. The area is clean and constantly busy since commuters stop here on their way to work. Their seasonal Kokam sharbat is incredibly hydrating.

Colaba’s Cafe Leopold
The greatest berry pulao can be found at this landmark Mumbai restaurant. This one is not just recognizable; it also has a rich history and may be the most terrifying. The 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks were carried out there. Leopold was one of their objectives, the bloodiest attack the city had ever experienced. The restaurant offers the most excellent chicken pot rice, chicken tikka, Mongolian chicken, and incredibly exquisite cakes and desserts.
Madras Cafe in Matunga
How can you abandon Cafe Madras at one of Mumbai’s most famous locations? This little business has been operational in Matunga for over 80 years. People have been enjoying their breakfast here for years; they flock to cafe Madras to begin their days. The Rasam Vada was added to the menu in 1960 and is still available now. It is delectable and a little nostalgic. To conclude it on a sweet note, you must try their dosas, idlis, and sheer! They provide an excellent, nutritious, and reasonably priced South Indian breakfast.
Gaylord at Marine Drive
The Gaylord hotel was built in 1956 and is close to Marine Drive. It has been successful over the years. My favorite bakery in town is Gaylord’s, where you can get freshly baked bread, cakes, and other goodies. They have great croissants, chicken, and vegetable puffs. If you genuinely enjoy it, pick up a packet of breadsticks! You can find a restaurant inside that serves a range of foods; sample some of their Mughlai dishes to find out why it has become so popular over the years.
Colaba Cafe Mondegar
One of Colaba’s famous spots is Cafe Mondegar, often known as Mondy’s. One of Colaba’s first cafés is this one. Chicken Tikka, prawns, and Paneer Malai are all recommended meals if you’re a vegetarian. Additionally, they provide everyone’s favorite beverages, beer, and wine. You may relax with your friends and family and organize a lunch or supper there.
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