Burma Burma launches a new Small Plates Menu

Burma Burma launches a new Small Plates Menu
Burma Burma launches a new Small Plates Menu

Burma Burma has launched a new small plates menu. They have experimented with new ingredients like jackfruit, banana flower, nokeh (homemade Burmese cheese), stone flower, hemp seeds, etc. to bring freshness to the table.

The new menu consists of Taro Shells with Spiced Black Beans, Steamed Rice Paper Parcels, Pyajo Kari, and Spiced Jack Meat Balls amongst others. This is the first time the restaurant has experimented with Burmese flavours giving it a contemporary twist. Each dish has a unique flavour offering both vegan and gluten free options. With this new menu the brand intends to showcase the new emerging Burma & its evolving food.

The head Chef Ansab Khan went on a trip to Australia where he dined at some great restaurants, vegan eateries and also got an opportunity to spend time in their kitchens understanding perspectives and trends like clean plating, focus on ingredients, using lesser known local produce, etc. which helped him to conceptualize this menu. His recommendation would be Broccoli and Nokeh (Homemade Burmese cheese) which combines two quintessentially Burmese elements to create a perfect bite.

The dawn comes from the Burmese roots of founder Ankit Gupta. His mother and her family who have their ancestral roots in Myanmar had a great influence expanding his food platter with heady flavours of the Burmese cuisine.

About the founders
Burma Burma is the brainchild of Ankit Gupta and Chirag Chhajer, the concept of Burma Burma hails from Gupta’s Burmese roots. His mother and her family were brought up in Myanmar and therefore he has been introduced to the heady flavors of Burmese cuisine since an early age. Gupta belongs to a family of hoteliers and restaurateurs, hence it only made sense for him to take his mother’s delicious recipes and formulate this Burmese experience. Armed with the concept, design, and layout, Gupta approached his childhood friend Chirag, a food enthusiast, and an avid traveler to turn their young dreams of owning a kitsch establishment into reality. They firmly believe that the closeness of Burmese flavors to the Indian palate will be the reason behind Burma Burma’s stupendous success.
Address: 18 M, Ground Floor, Stephen Court, Park Street Kolkata – 700071
Opening Hours: 12:30 – 4:00 pm & 6:30 – 10:30 pm (Mon – Fri)
12:00 – 4:00 pm & 6:30 – 10:30 pm (Sat & Sun)
Cost for two: Rs. 1,500 plus taxes
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