Burma Burma launches an-all new dessert menu in 2022

Burma Burma launches an all new dessert menu concocted to please palates and take us on a nostalgic trip to memory lane. The menu also offers vegan and gluten-free options for the first time.

The dawn of Burma comes from the Burmese roots of founder Ankit Gupta. His mother and her family who have their ancestral roots in Myanmar had a great influence expanding his food platter with heady flavors of the Burmese cuisine. The all-new dessert menu goes back to his childhood days which was about a bowl of Khao Suey followed by a strawberry and cream or a chocolate cake. With the newly launched dessert menu, this combination of food with memories was explored, to get a range of desserts consciously made to evoke nostalgia for all of us.


The menu makes me remember my childhood days spent in Bombay, how I would gulp down my favorite gajar ka halwa, strawberries in winters or a gooey chocolate cake which was indeed my all-time favourite. This menu is an ode to the 90’s childhood memories we all have spent eating our favorite desserts.” says founder Ankit Gupta on sharing his intent on launching the menu. Titled ‘Nostalgia X Evolution’ the desserts are bringing back those memorable flavours into the fine dining experience at Burma .

The new menu, a brainchild of chefs extraordinaire- Chef Vinesh Johnny and Chef Prathana Narang of Lavonne Academy aims at giving the customers a new perspective of looking at food and propel Indian confectionery to new heights.

Chef Vinesh says he and Prathana have been working with Burma for almost 5 years, one of the reasons to take this project was that the desserts were to be made eggless which was a challenge. After a lot of research, they came up with this menu and couldn’t be more happy to see it so well-received by the customers.
The desserts have jaggery, cheese, mango, cashew and such stuffs childhood favourites are made on. The dessert menu launches simultaneously in all 6 cities ie. Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Noida and Gurgaon.

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