6 Indian Food Bloggers You Should Immediately Follow

Blogging has grown in popularity as an influential online marketing and branding tool for companies of all sizes. According to the research of a recent poll, more than 75% of internet users read blogs, indicating that 346 million people around the world read blogs. Given the statistics, it’s no surprise that the number of food bloggers has risen rapidly worldwide. Food blogging has become a profitable career for food enthusiasts in India, where the F&B business is flourishing. India’s best food bloggers bring in more business by reaching out to the target audience and increasing consumer interaction.

So here we take you on a mouthwatering journey by introducing you to India’s greatest food bloggers and mouthwatering photographs of their delectable creations.


Uma Raghuraman is an affectionate mother and a passionate chef. Her enthusiasm for food and a healthy diet inspired her to launch Masterchef Mom nearly two decades ago. She is unarguably one of India’s top food bloggers and teaches Indian Home Cooking seminars in India and overseas. Her blogs are packed with delicious dishes with plenty of photos that will make you hungry right away. You can create nutritious food that tastes delicious with her recipes and cooking suggestions.


Food blogger partnerships like “Passionate About Baking” are helping us fall in love with food again, and Deeba Rajpal is the sweet tooth’s best friend. Deeba is a devoted baker who likes to produce new delights while stressing the use of only seasonal ingredients. She is an ardent food writer and recipe creator. Cooking is therapeutic for Deeba Rajpal and helps her to express herself creatively. You can’t take your eyes off her site, Passionate About Baking, since the recipes and images are so creative and appealing.


Nandita Iyer, a culinary specialist, and nutritionist, created Saffron Trail, one of the top food blogging sites. Nandita simplifies the art of cooking through her blogs while learning the technique of molecular gastronomy. Her dishes are the perfect balance of flavor and wellness. Nandita teaches her readers about the importance of excellent nutrition and healthy eating through her blogs. Saffron Trail is a health-conscious blog worth following.


This one is for you if you are a true gourmet. Nidhi Kandari is a passionate food enthusiast who founded Papi Paet to take foodies on a gourmet trip across the world’s cuisines. It’s all about food and just food at Papi Paet. Nidhi engages her Instagram followers with various photographs, live cooking videos, and reviews. She also shares her experiences on her blogs to assist rookie food bloggers in establishing themselves. Her blog, Papi Paet, percolates her passion for food, and she is undoubtedly one of India’s best food bloggers.

Divine Taste is a vegetarian-only blog. Anushruthi is a professional culinary writer, nutritionist, and recipe developer. She educates people about the importance of saatvik cooking, which follows old ayurvedic culinary principles. You’ll find delectable meals without onion, garlic, eggs, meat, or alcohol at “Divine Taste,” They’ll please your senses.
Maria, a gourmet herself, originates from Mumbai and swears by the city’s delectable street food. Her site, suitably titled Flavour of Mumbai, has recipes for street food, regional cuisine, spicy Goan cuisine, and eggless baking. Maria’s blog also offers a ‘Budget’ and ‘Low-fat’ area where you can find meals that can be made fast with minimal effort and help you lose those excess pounds.
The authored article is written by Darshana Joshi and shared with Prittle Prattle News  exclusively.
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