Top five Netflix thrillers to watch this 2022

Our Favourite Netflix thrillers that will leave you thrilled top to bottom are here

Our Favourite Netflix thrillers that will leave you thrilled top to bottom are here:

Archive 81

Archive 81 is a supernatural sci-fi mystery horror streaming television series created by Rebecca Sonnenshine, who also served as an executive producer alongside Paul Harris Boardman and James Wan.

The eight-part series is based on the 2016 podcast Archive 81. The series premiered on Netflix on January 14, 2022. According to Netflix Top 10s, the series was watched for 128.47 million hours internationally between January 9 and January 30.

Dan and Melody are played by Mamoudou Athie and Dina Shihabi, respectively. Dan gets recruited by an unknown business to recover video material from Melody’s documentary project about a burned-down apartment complex.

The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window

The story revolves around Anna (Kristen Bell), a bereaved lady, is confused about whether or not she witnessed a murder. She combines alcohol and therapist-prescribed meds, has regular hallucinations, and has a terrible dread of rain (homophobia). Anna is shunned by her community, including her new neighbors, and the police deem her “mad.” Whether or not she witnessed the murder, Anna takes it upon herself to discover the truth.

All of Us Are Dead

All of Us Are Dead is a South Korean zombie apocalypse horror streaming television series set in a high school. Park Ji-hu, Yoon Chan-young, Cho Yi-Hyun, Lomon, Yoo In-soo, Lee Yoo-mi, Kim Byung-Chul, Lee Kyu-Hyung, and Jeon Bae-soo are among the cast members. The majority of the series occurs at a high school in South Korea when a zombie apocalypse breaks out and threatens the pupils’ survival. It is based on Joo Dong-Naver Geun’s webtoon Now at Our School, released between 2009 and 2011. The story is about a local high school being overrun with zombies due to a faulty research experiment, and the captive pupils strive to escape. With no food or water and communication cut off by the government, they must rely on the equipment around the school to defend themselves amid a conflict, or they may get infected. The series premiered on Netflix on January 28, 2022.

In from the Cold

A single mother’s life in suburban New Jersey is turned upside down when the CIA arrests her and forces her to choose between confronting her long-buried past as a highly trained, bio-engineered Russian agent and becoming an asset against Russia’s underworld drug trade and shadow war on U.S. elections, and putting her family and the new life she has built at risk. The series aired on Netflix on January 28, 2022.

Feria: The Darkest Light

Andalusia Feria, mid-1990s. Eva and Sofa, two sisters, find that their vanished parents are two monsters who perpetrated a heinous crime that claimed the lives of 23 people before disappearing. The two girls must confront the repercussions of their parents’ misdeeds in a community where the residents are not as innocent as they appear, and reality conceals a fantasy existence.

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