MX Player to launch Gamer’s Den on 30th September

A series that deep dives into the life of 5 Indian gamers onboards Lenskart and Boat as sponsors and Red Bull as partner

Leading the way with innovation in content and strengthening its portfolio of IPs, MX Player now launches Gamer’s Den. This series explores the gaming ecosystem in India through first-person anecdotal experiences in a hybrid narrative.

Created by MX Studios, Gamer’s Den understands the life and achievements of gamers and hopes to inspire and influence viewers to look past traditional careers and professional opportunities.

With Lenskart and Boat on board as key sponsors and Red Bull as partners, Gamer’s Den will stream starting 30th September 2022 exclusively on MX Player.

Gamer’s Den follows the evolution of the gaming industry through the lives of five gaming personalities. It allows audiences to learn about the realities of gaming and the people behind virtual avatars.

The mini-series will span five episodes and will provide viewers with an inside look at the life of renowned award-winning gamers such as Red Bull Player Ankit Panth aka V3nom, Saloni aka Meow16k, Amit Thakur aka Fa2, Rishab Karanwala aka Rakazone, and gaming pundit and player Ocean Sharma.

“The Indian online gaming industry is growing at the rate of 30% per annum and users have also grown exponentially. By 2025, there will be around 657 million users. At MX, we have created a unique series around five renowned gamers showcasing their struggles and determination to succeed in a very competitive universe. These award-winning E-sports gamers present gaming realities to inspire aspiring gamers to take on gaming as an alternate career and give viewers an insider’s view of India’s thriving gaming community. The inspiring stories of V3nom, Meow16k, Fa2, Rakazone, and Ocean Sharma add to the flavour of this exciting series. Gamer’s Den showcases the world of e-sports in the most real manner thus making the series intriguing and interesting for gamers and non-gamers.”

Suresh Menon, Content and Creative Head of MX Studios, said,

“Do More, Be More! It’s not just our core value; we live it every day at Lenskart. We are living in exciting times, and in today’s ever-changing marketing landscape, brands need to understand consumer consumption patterns and preferences in terms of media and as a society. With this unique partnership with the OTT market leader, MX Player, we have come up with a never-done-before mini-series that subtly highlights how these awesome individuals have become so much more by doing more. We are glad we could be a part of their special journeys.”

Anupam Tripathi, Media Head, Lenskart, said,

“MX Player’s Gamer’s Den gives us a canvas to tap into a young and growing set of consumers who are driven by this emerging gaming culture. The show will help us reach out to the gaming community and further strengthen our brand’s position within the category. Given OTTs and MX Player’s reach and targeting, we are certain that this partnership will help us achieve our marketing goals in an interesting and innovative format.”

Yogesh Kamra, Category head, Gaming, RedGear, said,

Gamer’s Den is created in line with the highest gaming standards, elevating the viewer experience.

Shot in real locations, the series taps upon an emerging content genre, thus attracting a new and distinct target group to MX Player. Gamer’s Den will launch on 30th September 2022 exclusively on MX Player.

MX Media

MX Media has created India’s largest digital entertainment ecosystem, with one billion+ app downloads on Android, 300 million MAUs globally, and 200,000 hours of content in ten languages.

MX Media includes MX Player, India’s number one OTT, MX Games, MX Music, and other services. MX Player features a critically praised lineup of MX Originals/Exclusives, movies, web series, TV shows, and news.

The app is compatible with Android, iOS, Web, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Android TV, and OnePlus TV, among other platforms.

About MX Player

MX Player is presently India’s fastest growing OTT platform, with a vast and diverse audience base in India and a worldwide reach of 17+ markets, including the UAE, US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Bangladesh, Nepal, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, and the Maldives, among others.
It presently operates on an ad-supported basis. It has lately had multiple record-breaking shows spanning genres such as Bhaukaal, Aashram, Matsya Kaand, High, Samantar, and Campus Diaries, demonstrating a deep awareness of the pulse of the audience.
It is also the only OTT platform that uses H.266 technology, which reduces video streaming data consumption by half. According to the App Annie State of Mobile Report 2022, MX Player ranks second in India and sixth worldwide.
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