‘Chappalmaar Holi’: Slippers, not colours, took over the celebrations at a Bihar amusement park

A viral video shows revellers at a Patna water theme park ‘celebrating Holi’ by tossing slippers at one another.

It goes without saying that the Holi festival is controlled by colours. The day, which historically heralds the entrance of spring, is all about spreading joy via the use of bright colours and the consumption of delectable treats.

The celebrations at a Bihar amusement park, however, were not led by gulaal or water cannons. Instead, the revellers decided to amuse themselves by tossing slippers at one another. The unusual event seen on camera at a water-theme park in Patna has left netizens perplexed.

A large crowd is seen thronging the amusement park in a video that is presently making the rounds on the internet, and young guys in a pool appear to be flinging footwear at one other.

While many people have witnessed women “beating” men with sticks as part of a Lathmar Holi custom, numerous individuals have inquired if the ‘chappal holi’ was a new manner to declare the triumph of good over evil.
Others contributed imaginative titles for the unusual festivity including flip-flops. Others were puzzled as to what caused the unusual episode, and they were also concerned about the safety of individuals present at the amusement park.
Some were perplexed by the viral video footage, saying, “This can only happen in Bihar.”

The authored article is written by Darshana Joshi and shared with  Prittle Prattle News exclusively.

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