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Siegwerk India is working on a huge pond rehabilitation project in Rajasthan’s Dhaki Village

The project intends to raise awareness about water resource management in addition to launching a tree planting drive in the hamlet.

Siegwerk India, one of the world’s leading suppliers of printing inks and coatings for packaging applications and labels, has reaffirmed its unwavering commitment to society with its latest CSR project: the restoration of a pond and the expansion of ToF (Trees Outside Forest) cover in Dhaki Village, Tijara Block, Alwar, Rajasthan.

To improve water resource management through pond restoration, the corporation has collaborated with the Centre for CSR & Sustainability Excellence (CCSE) and the Bharat Gyan Vigyan Samiti (BGVS).

Siegwerk initiated the pond restoration project after identifying a water shortage in the community of Dhaki.

A survey of 185 families revealed that tube wells are the primary source of irrigation for 93% of the households, whereas micro-irrigation is used by 7% of the houses, indicating a reliance on groundwater that is diminishing owing to misuse.

Apart from removing silt from an earlier recharge shaft, the project’s impacts will boost the pond’s recharge capacity after de-siltation and the construction of two additional recharge shafts.

During the current monsoon season, water deposited in the pond surged three times in 20 days, totaling 14.5 feet, raising the subsurface water level significantly.

The water is currently being channelled elsewhere. The water is currently being diverted to the village’s agricultural in order to promote overall growth.

The three-pronged programme focuses on enhancing the local eco-system of Dhaki and encompasses all major aspects of the environment – conservation, sustained upgradation, and environment protection – leading to the village’s holistic development.

Siegwerk’s project is divided into three stages: pond restoration, tree planting, and clearing the area around the pond.

Following the successful completion of the earlier phases, the program is now in its last phase – the plantation project, which comprises planting saplings around the Dhaki village’s restorative pond and around the school.

“Siegwerk’s key values include creating a sustainable environment and development for the future. The collaboration has been successful with CCSE and BGVS assisting us with their expertise. The initiative aims to help the marginalized communities of the Dhaki village and hopefully improve their livelihood. The team has also established ties with government institutions to promote sustainable development in the area.”

Mr. Ramakrishna Karanth, CEO, Siegwerk India said,
The project began with a detailed evaluation of the initiative, the challenges and hardships faced by the people, and planning for the completion of the restoration process before monsoon so that the pond can be refilled with water, as the village’s reliance on monsoon rains for agricultural activities and scorching summers create inhumane conditions.
As part of the program, 500 saplings have already been planted, and 500 aquatic plants will be inserted into the pond to improve water quality and promote Dhaki’s general improvement.

About Siegwerk

Siegwerk, a sixth-generation family business, is a major international manufacturer of printing inks and customised solutions for packaging, labels, and catalogues.
With over 180 years of experience, the company has excellent skill and knowledge in a wide range of printing methods.
Customers benefit from a worldwide production and service network that consistently provides high-quality products and services. Siegwerk seeks long-term collaboration with its business partners, in keeping with the company’s concept of “Ink, Heart, and Soul.”
Siegwerk employs over 5,000 people globally in over 30 country organisations and is based in Siegburg, near Cologne.
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