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More than Afghan aid: Rs 369 crore in mask fines collected in only three cities and four states

Afghan public areas during the 35-hour curfew imposed in the wake of the growing Covid cases.

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Afghan Covid-19’s proliferation in India is primarily due to non-compliance with proper conduct. Authorities, including police, have collected penalties totaling Rs 368 crore in the last year across three cities and two states. That is more what India contributes to Afghanistan’s development aid each year.

According to data given by Bengaluru’s Municipal Corporation, over 3.70 lakh cases of residents not wearing masks were recorded between May 2020 and February 7, 2021, with Rs 8.76 million in penalties collected. During the same period, 25,525 individuals were charged for failing to maintain social distance. During this time, a total of Rs 57.06 lakh in fines was collected.

In all, 3.96 lakh infractions were recorded, with a fine of Rs 9.33 crore collected.

In Uttar Pradesh, police penalized 31,325 individuals. They collected a fine of Rs 64.16 lakh for not using a cover in public areas during the 35-hour curfew imposed in the wake of the growing Covid cases.

On March 22, a total of 1,260 individuals were penalized in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, for not wearing masks, and a spot fine of about Rs 1.32 lakh was collected.

In the last year, Odisha Police had collected Rs 67 crore in penalties for breaches of Covid-19 rules across the state. According to statistics furnished by the state police headquarters, 7,979 incidents of rule breaches were reported in the previous year. Jharkhand Police have collected nearly Rs 35 lakh in fines from those who have refused to wear masks in public areas until May 11.

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