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How To Overcome The Stress Of Work During The Lockdown

Lockdown announced in March 2020 due to the corona pandemic

The lockdown announced in March 2020 due to the corona pandemic has made the economic condition worse and financial instability among families.

Most of the companies had decided to allow the employees to work from home. The downfall in business and companies has overloaded the employees with stress and tension.

In order to stabilize the the condition of the companies, the employees are working day and night.

This pressure has affected the health and mental psychology of an employee. The solution to getting rid of stress during lockdown is to be happy. Start meditation, regular exercise, consume as much as a healthy diet.

Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking. Once you get tired, take a break of 15 to 20 minutes. Listen to your favorite song, which will rejoice your mind. this will help you to relax your mind and build new enthusiasm to work. 

Workload may cause anxiety which results in mental instability and depression. Sitting on one place for a long time results in pain in the spinal cord. Our butts become flat.

This takes a lot of time to turn normal. Weight gain due to lack of physical activity. It is very essential to take a break and relax your body and brain.

Continuos work caused stress and hypertension. Drink plenty of water and avoid junk food.. If you have any pets or children, do spend time with them. Psychology says playing with kids and animals improves our mental health and keeps us happy throughout the day.

On weekends spend time in gardening. Try to express yourself as much as possible. Play games physically and not PUBG. Our mental health damages our physical health. to live long avoid stress and tension to overcome the critical condition during the lockdown.

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