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At the Grey Line’s Dhansa Bus Stand station, Delhi Metro constructs its first underground integrated parking facility.

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation is composing the world’s first underground integrated parking complex on the Grey Line!

The Dhansa Bus Stand metro station, located along the Dwarka-Najafgarh-Dhansa Bus Stand line, would be the first underground station in the Delhi Metro system to feature an entire subterranean level dedicated to car parking. According to the DMRC, the parking lot will be linked with the central station area, allowing users/drivers to park their vehicles and two-wheelers and then go straight to the metro station’s concourse via elevators and escalators.

The station is a four-level underground construction with a platform at the bottom (at a depth of roughly 18 meters), a concourse above it, and an entire floor for car parking above that, with a roof level at the top (ground level).

Lifts, entrance and exit ramps, escalators, stairs, and other amenities are available at the parking complex. The DMRC further claimed that the facility would feature parking for about 110 automobiles and 185 two-wheelers. It was said that property development activities would be permitted on the ground floor of the metro station in the future. One passenger lift will be located in the parking lot’s center. Aside from that, there will be two staircases and two escalators, each connecting the parking facility to the concourse’s unpaid area below.

The new parking space may be deemed a substantial design-based enhancement because no other Delhi Metro subterranean station has one, according to DMRC. Despite being an elevated station, the Hindon River Metro station now has a basement parking lot. The New Delhi station of the Airport Line has a multilevel parking area above it. The new facility will be valuable to local people because the station’s surrounding regions are very crowded, with very little car parking. Vehicles will be able to enter and depart the parking spot via ramps on both sides.

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