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2 more deaths while crossing the track at Diva station. An alarming call to the Government!

Diva: 2 people were found dead and 1 injured at Diva station on Wednesday morning while crossing the track to board the train.

Most commuters cross the railroad crossings because there are narrow stairs and a lack of escalators at Diva Station. This is high time that Government must look into this as Indian Railways and infrastructure has made it difficult and life-threatening for the residents to commute.

One of the police officers at Diva station confirmed, “On Wednesday at about 8:30 am in the morning, there was a tremendous rush, and Diva station was severely crowded. It was this time when 2 women (Geeta Shinde and Mahadevi Jadhav) and a man (Sashikant Sawant) were crossing the railway track at Diva to board the CSMT slow train on the platform 2. Geeta and Sashikant were hit by the train and crushed to death when a Mumbai suburban fast train was going down the same track. Mahadevi was flung in the air and got major injuries. However, she survived this severe accident.”

The morning 7-10 and evening 7-10 is the timing for the office goers, and there’s a huge public going in the same direction, boarding the same train. Due to this, the entire platform, the bridge, and even the one escalator are bursting. This is not a new topic to discuss or a new issue to open up. But even after so many people lost their lives, there’s absolutely no measure taken for it. How pathetic is this? Losing your life just to board a train?

So many protests have taken place. So many politicians have intervened. But the issue is given no severe attention.

The authored article is written by Darshana Joshi and shared with Prittle Prattle News exclusively.

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