RavenDB, one of the world’s most innovative NoSQL Database, is expanding its presence in India with the hiring of a Local Government and Database Sector’s Expert to drive growth

NEW DELHI, Hibernating Rhinos Ltd., the company behind RavenDB, is proud to announce the appointment of Shashank Thapliyal as their Regional Sales Manager in India.

Hibernating Rhinos Ltd is excited to have Shashank come on board and help them explore the important Indian IT and SW market. His mission will be to further expand the usage of RavenDB’s open source technology to the benefit of the Indian Government and Enterprises.

Shashank has extensive experience in the Indian government space. Before joining Hibernating Rhinos Ltd, he was the Country Manager for Government and Defense at EnterpriseDB ,Country Manager Sales @ OpenSCG .Prior to that, he held several key senior leadership positions at Fujitsu India and Wipro.

“I am extremely happy to join Hibernating Rhinos Limited, developers of RavenDB NoSQL distributed document database. RavenDB was the first NoSQL Database to go fully transactional, and it offers the best transactional performance on the market. I am very much impressed by its features, and know that RavenDB will more than meet the needs of Indian customers. RavenDB’s multi-model design (document, time series, key value, etc.), easy setup, advanced studio and many other features, will help developers across the country build and empower their applications. Its query language – RQL – is 80% SQL, so most developers will be familiar with it from the start, which will ease adoption and learning. This database is exactly what the market has been looking for in India.”

RavenDB is a world-class NoSQL distributed database used by startups, small businesses, and fortune 500 large enterprises worldwide. Over 1,000 organizations use RavenDB, including major financial institutions, auto manufacturers, media conglomerates, and a quick-service restaurant chain with 1.5 million instances of RavenDB running throughout its 37,000 locations.
Mentioned in both Forrester and Gartner research, RavenDB employs over 50 developers in offices spanning North America, Europe, and the Middle East. Its 1.0 version was released in 2010, and both company and software have seen consistent growth and success in every year since.
RavenDB provides in-memory performance, persistence, and fully transactional (ACID) data integrity across multiple collections and throughout the database cluster. It is a multimodel solution offering document, key/value, and time series data models, making it ideal for any microservices architecture.
RavenDB Cloud is a managed Cloud Services offering a DbaaS on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

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