Larry Zimmerman’s newly released “Becca’s Place” is an engaging tale of love, unexpected relationships, and determined faith

MEADVILLE, Pa., “Becca’s Place”: a charming tale of growth and hope for the future. “Becca’s Place” is the creation of published author Larry Zimmerman, who was born in a small town in the rolling hills of the Ohio Bible Belt before it became a rust belt.

Raised in the Ana-Baptist tradition of sisters in the church wearing head coverings, marriage only to church members, church three to four times per week, and an annual church camp as the only family vacation, he writes from a heart shaped by God and family. As a vocation, Zimmerman practiced podiatric medicine and foot surgery until retiring in 2016.

Zimmerman shares, “Becca’s Place is a novel of romance and tragedy involving Wat, a handsome grad student raised on a farm; Dr. Becca Bloom, a childhood friend who loves him dearly; and Priscilla, a beautiful New York City socialite.

“Wat, while a graduate student in agriculture, has his education interrupted by having to keep the farm running back home after a tragic accident involving his father and sister. In the meantime, he falls off the proverbial horse in his Christian walk and develops a relationship with Priscilla, the beautiful socialite from New York, who arranged a meeting with him only to toy with him. But to her surprise, she found him to be like no other man she has ever met before. Eventually they fall in love and their relationship comes to a head when they go to Michigan overnight together to find Wat an apartment because of his new job there.

“All the while back home, Becca, who has just started practicing veterinary medicine with her father, is devastated. She learns Wat, the boy, now a man, she has loved all her life and naively thought loved her, loves her only like a sister and is not coming home after earning his PhD. In desperation, she clumsily sets up dates with him when he does come home to help on the farm and tries to become more sexually appealing. But to no avail. The New York City beauty wins out, but with her checkered past beginning to raise its ugly head, there is a twist to the story that launches out for the next twenty years with more tragedy, romance, and victory.”
Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Larry Zimmerman’s new book will delight and entertain as readers enjoy a cast of affable characters and an engaging love story.
Zimmerman offers an enjoyable narrative that explores the complexities of human connection within the pages of his flagship novel.
Consumers can purchase “Becca’s Place” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.

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