Good Culture Teams Up with Celebrity Fitness Trainer Megan Roup, Founder of The Sculpt Society, to Help People Feel Ridiculously Good Through Healing, Cultured Foods

IRVINE, Calif., Good Culture, the clean-label, cultured foods brand credited with revolutionizing cottage cheese, is teaming up with celebrity fitness trainer, fitness influencer and founder of The Sculpt Society, Megan Roup, to engage health-conscious consumers and help them experience how good cultured foods can make them feel.

Good Culture’s humanely and sustainably-sourced dairy products, including cottage cheese, provide high protein and gut-friendly live and active cultures in one ridiculously good superfood. Good Culture’s clean, delicious and healthy products can fuel fitness aficionados, busy moms and dads or anyone looking for all-day energy from the inside out.

As the founder of The Sculpt Society and a new mom, Megan brings energy and positivity to her audience on a daily basis with her popular, do-them-anywhere, streaming workouts that allow for flexibility in a busy world. Megan stresses the importance of properly fueling your body, not only for workouts, but for your daily routine, and knows firsthand how foods like Good Culture can help increase your protein intake, boost gut health and deliver delicious sustenance.

“Protein and live and active cultures help build energy, muscle, gut health and good feelings – all things my community cares about,” says Megan. “Good Culture is a delicious and sensible indulgence with unparalleled taste and thick and creamy texture, but what it does for your body is what makes it a real star. When you eat good food, you feel good! That’s why I feel so strongly about incorporating Good Culture cottage cheese into my daily routine.”

More and more, consumers are becoming aware of the benefits of gut health, including the impact gut health has on the brain, and how a healthy gut leads to a healthier immune system. In fact, from 2020-2021, there’s been a 83% increase in Google searches for “gut health” and a 63% increase in searches for “gut brain axis.”
“Megan inspires her fans and followers to feel good by giving back to their bodies through exercise, self care and healthy eating every day. She’s a great example of someone who understands how what you eat impacts how you feel,” says Jesse Merrill, CEO and co-founder, Good Culture. “We’re committed to creating the best tasting, nutrient dense, healing cultured foods using only simple ingredients, gut-friendly live and active cultures and milk sourced from small family farms in the midwest, many of whom use pasture practices. This way, consumers can feel good about what they are eating and giving to their families. We’re thrilled to have Megan help us spread the good word.”
Megan loves the versatility of cottage cheese too – like mixing it into a bowl of oats, spreading it on some toast, or enjoying it on its own for a light snack. Megan has partnered with Good Culture to develop several recipes from quick snacks for parents on the go to post-workout snacks. The recipes, including a tuna salad sandwich with tomato on sourdough bread and a Good Culture Snack Board, are available now on Good Culture’s website.
Starting today, consumers can enter to win a collection of Megan’s feel-good favorites by commenting on Good Culture’s latest Instagram post featuring Megan. Enter to win by tagging two friends in the comments, like the post and follow @good_culture to enter. Winners will receive a “Feel Ridiculously Good” kit, containing The Sculpt Society Ankle Weights, a LARQ water bottle, yoga mat and Good Culture product vouchers, plus a one-year subscription to Megan’s Sculpt Society. A total prize value of $450.
In addition, Megan will be hosting a special 20-minute Mother’s Day Sculpt Society slow and controlled sculpt class and stretch on Saturday, May 7. The class will be sponsored by Good Culture and help moms tap into a positive energy that will last throughout their special day.
In 2015, founders Jesse Merrill and Anders Eisner saw that cottage cheese, an overlooked superfood, had the potential to catapult to the forefront of the real food trend, so they decided to shake up and reinvigorate the dairy aisle with their certified organic, pasture-raised, stabilizer and additive-free cottage cheese. Good Culture leads the way with organic, family farm-raised, high-protein, low-sugar, thick and creamy products that never use gums, thickeners or chemical preservatives. This disruptive company is dedicated to using only real foods and simple ingredients across their growing portfolio of cultured foods. The overwhelming success of their flagship product led to expansion into other cultured food offerings including probiotic-rich sour cream and lactose-free sour cream. Good Culture is a proud partner of 1% for the Planet, supporting soil health and regenerative agriculture and is a Certified B-Corporation.
Known for her simplified dance cardio moves (that anyone at any level can feel successful), Megan Roup launched The Sculpt Society in 2017 by combining her passion for dance and love for fitness. Her programs include dance cardio and sculpting workouts that are designed to create long, lean, and strong bodies. Megan takes the pressure off of results and “before + afters” as it helps her community focus on finding the joy in movement and creates a healthy balance in their lives. Megan is continuously adding to the TSS library and recently launched her pre/post natal TSS Mama program, a new injury safe program Slow + Controlled and has an ever-expanding library with over 400 on-demand workouts and multiple LIVE classes a week including yoga, meditation, dance cardio and sculpt.
On the heels of her first national pop-up tour, “TSS IRL,” where she visited four cities to celebrate the 2 year anniversary of The Sculpt Society app and reconnect with her community IRL, Megan is feeling even more motivated to support + encourage others to safely break a sweat. The past 18 months have also included a mico-wedding, the birth of her first daughter and a move from NYC to LA.

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