‘The resemblance is uncanny,’ says a young girl who wears makeup to resemble her pet dog.

A video of the child wearing makeup to look like her pet has gone viral.

Children enjoy imitating those they admire. A young girl’s attachment to her pet dog Francisco is so strong that she wishes to resemble the canine. A video of the child wearing makeup to look like her pet has gone viral.

The little girl is wearing makeup in the video. Her cheeks and nose are white, while her eyes, tip of the nose, and lips are black. She continues to wear makeup, and her mother, according to the subtitles, asks, “Why are you wearing that makeup?” “Because I wish to look like my dog,” she responds charmingly. The camera pans to reveal her four-legged pal, Francisco. The little girl has it right: the dog is black and white. The dog, on the other hand, appears perplexed.

The short video was shared by the Instagram account good news movement. “This will be recalled as one of the best good news movement posts ever… “I can’t stop laughing,” the video’s caption reads.

Since being shared 9 hours ago, the video has received over 3.4 lakh likes. Netizens thought the little girl’s behavior was adorable. “The resemblance is uncanny!!!!” “Which one is Francisco?” wondered one user. “Super funny, but LOVE is real!” commented another user.
Adorable videos of children frequently garner a lot of attention on the internet. A video of a young girl worried about her father skipping meals recently went viral. In the undated video, the young girl is seen sobbing over the fact that her father skips meals.

The authored article is written by Nikita katarmal and shared with  Prittle Prattle News exclusively.

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