Slimming Saree Blouse Designs

Nobody is born with a flawless physique; every one of us has a unique body form, weight, and height. We do want to look a specific way and strive towards it somehow. Many of us want to have that beautiful physique, slender and tall, like the models and celebrities in apparel advertising. On the other hand, reaching the objective is not a one-day activity; it takes time.

Until you ultimately attain that objective, you may attempt simple fashion tips and tactics to make your body seem the way you want it to. As an example, consider how to seem thin in a saree.

Sarees are certainly a fixture in our closets, from wearing them to work daily to wearing them on special occasions. We have already published some fashion methods that might make you seem tall in a saree; you could read them here if you missed them.

Here, we’ll show you how the style of your blouse may change your overall appearance and make you appear thinner.

Choose Longer Sleeves
If you are heavier, choose long blouse sleeves rather than sleeveless or cap style sleeves, which draw all attention to your arms. If you don’t want to go the complete duration, you can. You may choose 3/4th sleeves to make your arms look slimmer.

Learn How To Balance Your Blouse Style
The diversity of sarees is mind-boggling. You may have silks, chiffons, and other fabrics in your closet, but you must pair them with the appropriate blouse to seem thin in them. How? Check for the pattern, then work on your saree to see if it’s heavy or light. When wearing a heavily embroidered saree, use a plain, block-color blouse to reduce the bulk of the saree and make you appear thinner. Similarly, you may balance the appearance with a heavily embroidered blouse with a light georgette or chiffon saree.

Go for a light blouse
Your saree ensemble is incomplete until you pair it with the appropriate blouse. You may want to wear a heavily decorated blouse with your saree, but keep in mind that it will draw attention to your chest and shoulders, which you may not want to flaunt. You may also do it the opposite way around. Choose a thicker saree and pair it with a light blouse. Choose a single-color shirt with sleeve borders to enhance the look or a patterned blouse that does not add bulk to your upper body.

Take Note of the Neckline
Your blouse’s neckline may make or ruin your outfit. Instead of flashy motifs, stick to classics like a large square or a sweetheart neckline. If you have a larger bust (blouse designs for giant statues), use blouse designs with a broader neck to draw all attention to your neck. When draping the saree, be careful not to cover the entire front region so that the collarbone stands out.

No to Puffy Sleeves
Puffy, voluminous sleeves are popular right now, but they may not suit you because they give quick bulk to the arm area. You may still look stylish by wearing flowing long sleeves or sleeves with ornamental borders. Puffy sleeves, on the other hand, will make you look bulkier.

We hope these saree-slimming ideas and tactics make you seem slim in a saree. Aside from the blouse design, the fabric of the saree and the draping all play an essential role in your overall aesthetic. Make sure that the draping is done correctly. It should not add to the volume of your trouble areas. Draping should be done in such a way that you seem thinner.

The authored article is written by Sejal Wakkar and shared with  Prittle Prattle News exclusively.

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