Journey of life- helping people realise their self-worth: A Qute by Ms. Sonya Khandelwal

Ms. Sonya Khandelwal (Entrepreneur/Healer/life coach/motivational & spiritual guide) with reference to the ‘ journey of life- helping people realise their self-worth, self-love & gaining clarity & confidence in whatever they do, specially during & post pandemic 

‘In our day to day lifestyle, we have been dealing with stress and work life tension. The human body, mind & heart has so many energetic attachments that we tend to live in these entangled space most of the time. Types of cords attachment on a human body, mind and heart actually decides the suffering of that person. Emotional attachments with others creates a strong cord between two bodies where one person takes away the postive energy and other gets drained.

Same ways some cords are toxic cords where knowingly, unknowingly one person due to hatred, jelously, revenge and bad intentions joins a energetic poisionous cords with the target. This is like an invisible punishment to the person who is absorbing all bad energies of the jealous person.

If we understand the energetic field and sense these cords, life can be very easy and body, mind can be stress free.If we break free from this going pattern by understanding that some energies can cause stress and tension permanentaly in our body and work on these energies to get rid of negative attachments, we can easily manage to lead a stress free life.

Sonya Khandelwal is the Founder of ‘Etheralsonia’ (YouTube Channel), in the year 2020 and has successfully interviewed a lot of celebrities & socialites. She has also engaged in a lot of spiritual & motivational talk shows on various social platforms. Sonya is an entrepreneur, healer, life coach, motivational & spiritual guide to many people who have waivered from their purposeful journey of life. Her goal in life is not only to bring out the best potential in people but also to help them get a clarity in their thought process in their journey.

Apart from being a motivational speaker & an inspiration to one & all, she is a fashionista who is passionate about hosting events, anchoring, blogging about fashion & travel. Sonya is also writing a book on spirituality, which is in the making & will be on shelves by end of this year. Her life purpose is not only to help & provide solutions to people but also to share her real life experiences & teachings & pass it from generations to generations.
She has graduated from Rajasthan University & holds a diploma in hospitality and film direction. She has assisted a few TVC’s. She is the concept developer of short film “Mirror” (released by Hamara Movies). ‘Mirror’ is a strong message oriented film & will be out on OTT platforms soon.

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