The Study School launched the book ‘Magic in the Tiffin’

On Saturday, March 26th, 2022 at The Study School, E-275A, East of Kailash, New Delhi

New Delhi, March 26th, 2022: As part of their Golden Jubilee Celebrations, The Study School launched the book ‘Magic in the Tiffin‘ to reinforce the idea of healthy eating at an early stage of a child’s life. Mriganka Singh (alumni of The Study School, a new mum and an Indian Royal from Jammu & Kashmir) inaugurated the book. As she remembered her time at The Study School she said “I had horses at home since my father played Polo but my love and appreciation of all living beings came from my time at The Study. I am happy to see the rabbits in school today and the importance being given to children’s health and nutrition”.

Shivani Wazir Pasrich, Director of The Study School who conceptualized the book, shared the organic ways the children are exposed to developing life skills at this school. She said “As our older children leave for big school we encourage them to take on life’s challenges in a prepared and fortified way. This get together is a farewell that signals to the children that The Study will always be their home and that they are welcomed back. It’s a privilege to have second generation students with us and older children accompanying their younger siblings to what was once their school”.

The Founder and Chairperson, Mrs. Hemant Pasrich said “I am delighted to see the legacy of the school continue in this dynamic and caring way. What started in the President of India’s home 50 years ago continues to shape the lives of young children today. Getting their way around with numbers and the alphabet is not everything a child needs; The Study School attempts to reiterate the importance of healthy food, its procurement, meal timings and quantity in the lives of children who are in their foundation years”.

Ayurvedic chef Ahvanya Sharma said “It is essential that children understand the significance of good food in life, accept various food groups that affect their diet in diverse ways and evolve their palette for a variety of food types.” She shared that some food types should not be consumed together and liquids should be consumed either an hour before or after a meal to assist digestion. It was also revealed that the sun has a role to play in absorption of food and hence lunch (the time the sun is strongest) should be the main meal for the children.

The four mothers who contributed recipes for the book mentored other parents by sharing happy and healthy ideas for the tiffin through the cooking demos with the children and the parents at school. The children wore chef caps and aprons and felt empowered as they put together the ingredients in their tiffins.
Parents also had an opportunity to share their personal nutritious tiffin ideas with the mentors and gauge the health quotient of their tiffin boxes with the nutrition experts and The Study School yoga instructor.
Taking the Indian system of Education to another level altogether with a proactive approach, Shivani Wazir Pasrich says, “Food habits, tastes and choices may be even more important than the ABC. These choices are the ABCs of healthy living. Good Food and Nutrition decide the future health of our children. It’s not just about What’s in the Tiffin; it’s a mindset that we want to mentor.”
The Study School takes pride in changing habits for creating healthier children ready to fight adversities in future with grit and zeal. The School believes in inculcating the concept of eating healthy, reducing waste and sustainability in small steps that make a larger impact and are easily comprehensible by little minds.
About The Study School
The Study School was established on January 5th, 1972 with the moral support of a highly regarded institution in Montreal, Canada, of the same name which was incorporated in 1922. Mrs. Hemant Pasrich, taught in Montreal where parents were initially surprised and then delighted that their children were learning English, Drama and Elocution from an Indian. She found it an extremely rewarding experience and decided that she would make a start towards The Study in India. The Study School aims to provide a broad-based foundation where life skills are imparted in a safe learning environment. We prepare the children for when they enter bigger schools and we enable them to make better choices.

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