How CDK Global India enables Parvathi to balance passion and product management

An evening, a cup of coffee & Indian Cinema Songs played on Piano ….. What else would one need ☺ Hello everyone, this is Parvathi/Parvati. I am a Maharashtrian, so it should be technically spelled ‘Parvati’, but given I am in South India, it’s officially ‘Parvathi’… And frankly, I don’t mind – I am okay to be called either ways as long as it sounds right to my ears. Born and brought up in Hyderabad, I am a true Hyderabadi at heart. By profession, a software engineer who works as a Product Manager at CDK Global and manages 5 projects at the moment, 4 of which are real hot shot ones.

Life at CDK

I’ve been working with CDK Global for good 10 years now. Being in Software industry and continuing in one company for this long in itself proves my love for CDK. Like every other human, I have had my ups and downs in the journey and honestly, there have been moments when I felt “now I should quit”. But somewhere deep inside I know I cannot. CDK is such a wonderful place to work, it’s part of the family now. I have an interesting career graph – from a Manual Tester to an Automation Tester to a Quality Architect to a Software Developer to an Agile Scrum Master and now a Product Manager. It has been a wonderful journey.

About Me
I am happily married and have 2 lovely children – a daughter who is 11 (in her pre-teens and who has already started showing up teen symptoms. We both love Harry Potter to a degree where we feel he and his magical world actually exist). I also have a son who is 3 – a toddler messing up the whole house. Despite all the trouble they cause, despite all the frustration they cause, like any other mother, I love my children deeply and dearly. They’re my world!

What do I do in my leisure time
I am basically a fun-loving person. And I love to be happy 😀 I love to talk to my friends, spend time with my children, watch movies, cook (this is a new hobby I’ve developed, and thanks to the Pandemic.. In the world that existed before Covid, I would barely cook even plain rice). And yeah, I also love to listen to Indian Cinema music …. and…. play those songs on Piano. I am not a trained pianist – I just play by ear. And this I realized when I was 10. Someone gifted me a toy keyboard and I could play Bollywood songs on it – just like that… So yes, it is God’s gift. Give me any song and I can compose it in less than 10 mins.

Pandemic & Positivity
How can these two words go together? Pandemic and Positivity ??? Isn’t “positive” the scariest term that gets used in the Pandemic 😉

The pandemic to me, like to everyone else, has brought in a lot of pain points but a lot of positive points too.. We all know the negatives, so I am going to only talk to what advantages I’ve had in last 2 years. Like I mentioned, I learnt cooking. I learnt that important events like birthdays, etc, can very well be celebrated at home and still give a lovely feeling. Working from home helps me stay calm – I don’t have to worry about driving an hour long in traffic, reaching office in time, and while I work a part of my mind thinking about what my children must be doing, have they eaten, are they okay, etc… (I am sure every working mother would exactly relate to what I am trying to say) But now I get to stay in my home office, work and do so with a calm mind. No travelling in traffic, no more worrying about kids. In fact, I realized I can do much more work in a wonderfully affective way from home. I bagged 5 big shot projects – all while working from home.

Plus, when you have your piano (a stressbuster) kept right behind your work table, you don’t need anything else to take your stress off. Go play a song when you’re irritated 😉 It has two advantages. One – it makes your mind calm, music is very powerful. Two – you have a song composed and practiced for your weekly musical recording.
My Musical Channel
Yes, I have a YouTube channel of mine where I upload the songs that I play. I mostly play Bollywood songs from Old movies. I love to play legendry numbers sung by Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle, Md. Rafi, Kishore Kumar. And I upload one song every week. So far the channel has 90+ songs. I feel on top of the world when I see my subscriber count increase each week with each song that I upload. I must say, I have immense encouragement and support from my family and even my office colleagues in this musical journey.
Long way to go !!!!
Please listen to songs that I’ve played and if you like them, please share and subscribe ☺ By the way, the channel also has playlists of songs, that you might want to play in your background while you work…
What motivates me
People ask me how do I find time to manage all of this – my work, my home, my kids. And my answer is Music. The music that I play every week gives me tremendous positive energy and I do everything else in an amazingly productive way. I feel so good playing one song, that it literally gives me full energy to pull me through the rest of the week.
There’s a lot more to write, but in the interest of reader’s interest in reading any further, I guess I shall stop here ☺ I can, however, be reached on Slack or on Email anytime.

The authored article is written by Parvathi and shared with Prittle Prattle News exclusively.

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