Customized Footwear for Women: A Growing Trend in the Footwear Industry

An Authored article by  Shraddha Joshi, Founder of Sole Weavers

In recent years, the footwear industry has seen a rise in the popularity of customized footwear, especially for women. In addition, the traditional shoemaking method, which involves handcrafting custom-made shoes, has gained traction among consumers looking for a perfect fit, unique style, and durability.

The shoe industry has evolved since the early civilizations, wherein people made shoes using materials such as reeds and animal hides. Over the centuries, shoemaking has evolved, and

in the current era, it is a sophisticated industry that produces shoes using advanced technologies and materials. In recent years, customized ladies’ footwear has gained popularity. Handcrafted and customized shoes for a perfect fit, unique style, and durability making them a sought-after product in the footwear industry.

Chronicles of Indian Footwear

In the regions adjoining India and Asia, the craftmanship of shoemaking is rooted deep in primordial times. The ancient footwear- Khadau or Paduka, is one of the oldest known to humans; its existence is primarily dated to ancient times. It has its reference in the oldest epic, Ramayana, and is significant with its use in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. Crafted in wood, Khadaus were made of two parts – a single wooden plank for a base and a carved block fixed atop to support the toes. It was the preferred footwear for scholars like Sages, Scholars, and Rulers. The exquisite pair of

Khadau slippers were made of wood, silver, and gold to provide a requisite cushion to the feet and regulate the benefits of their properties into the body. These were exclusively made to order or customized for the most accurate fit and comfort per the standards.

Albeit the ancient texts, the historically recorded data states that in India, the craft of shoemaking dates back to the Bronze Age civilization in the northwestern regions of South Asia, known as the famous Indus Valley Civilization, where people used leather to make sandals and shoes.

Let’s delve more into the topic and explore the growing trend of customized footwear in India for women and how handcrafted and bespoke shoes provide the perfect fit, unique style, and durability women seek in their footwear. We will also examine the history of shoemaking in India and worldwide and how this ancient craft has evolved into a sophisticated industry that produces shoes to meet the needs of modern consumers.

Handcrafted and Customized Footwear

Handcrafted shoes are made by skilled craftsmen who take great pride in their work. These shoes are unique and reflect the individuality of the maker and the consumer adorning it. Customized footwear takes this a step further, as it is made to fit the individual needs of the customer. For example, women with special foot needs, such as flat feet or high arches, can benefit significantly from customized footwear, which provides the support and comfort they need. Besides, many consumers having a flare for fashion and design, concoct their footwear as per their desire to wear their attitude, with the world under their feet. (Any example of customized footwear for fashion that is unique and different)

Perfect Fit

The primary advantage of customized footwear is that it provides a perfect fit. However, women with unique foot sizes and shapes may find it challenging and need help finding the right shoes off the shelf. Customized footwear is the ultimate solution to such a problem, as it can be tailor-made to fit the individual’s feet perfectly, providing comfort and support. In addition, customized footwear can be modified to accommodate changes in foot size and shape over time.


Handcrafted with efficacy for exuberant customized footwear is crafted with perfection and lasts long. When shoes are made to fit, they are less likely to wear out quickly as the crafting is done manually, ensuring the quality is intact. Handcrafted shoes are made with high-quality materials and constructed with great attention to detail. As a result, it makes them more durable than mass- produced shoes. In addition, the shoes’ soles, heels, and other parts can be reinforced or replaced when they wear out, ensuring that the shoes last long and stay comfortable.

Customized footwear allows women to choose from various styles, colors, and materials. They can get shoes designed for specific occasions, such as weddings, parties, or casual wear. They can also get shoes that match their style and persona, whether they prefer elegant, sporty, or trendy shoes. With customized footwear, women can add variety and color to their shoe racks without having to do away with their favorite shoes.
Challenging Size and Fit Needs
Women with challenging foot size and fit needs, such as those with wide feet or high arches, have traditionally found it difficult to find the correct shoes as readily available. Customized footwear serves as a savior by offering shoes that are made to fit their specific needs for arch support, cushioning, and back height. In addition, women with medical conditions affecting their feet, such as arthritis or diabetes, can benefit from customized footwear, as it can be made to provide the support and comfort they need.
For the perfect bespoke fit, these shoes are made considering foot type, toe shape, and foot ailment, which the ones available on the shelf are incompetent of.In conclusion, the footwear industry is evolving rapidly, and customized footwear for women is gaining traction. With technological advancements and increased access to data, manufacturers can cater to their customer’s needs and preferences, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. Therefore, the projected growth of the footwear market and the Indian footwear market, in particular, presents a vast opportunity for players in the industry to tap into this growing trend and offer innovative solutions to their customers.

The Footwear market is expected to reach a revenue of US$88.47bn in 2023, growing at a CAGR of 3.29% between 2023-2028. The Textile & Other Footwear segment holds the largest market share, accounting for US$27.14bn in 2023. The Indian footwear market is predicted to reach $26 billion by 2020, with the increase in e-commerce. In addition, as we move towards a more personalized future, customized footwear is set to become a significant player in the footwear industry.

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This article is written by Shraddha Joshi, Founder Sole Weavers.

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