The World’s Best Buskers Escape the Pandemic – Announcing the 13th Annual NYC BuskerBall

NEW YORK , For two years, New York has experienced shutdowns, disruptions, and demographic shifts unlike anything seen in its history.

Throughout it all, NYC’s busker community kept the show going–even when indoor venues were shut down–keeping spirits high and artistic expression alive in our vibrant city.

Buskers can be dancers, mimes, artists, poets, clowns, magicians, musicians, puppeteers, jugglers, acrobats, tumblers, story-tellers, and living statues. They can be sword swallowers, balloonists, fortune tellers, contortionists, escape artists, rope walkers, fire eaters, and more.

NYC wouldn’t be NYC without its buskers. No other city on Earth has as much raw talent on every corner, in every park, and on every subway platform. In order to celebrate and thank our buskers–and to create a platform for activism ensuring New Yorkers can keep expressing themselves freely without unreasonable interference from the law–we are proud to stage NYC’s 13th annual BuskerBall:

Since 2012, the NYC BuskerBall showcases the best Subway and Street musicians and Buskers of all stripes. We promote 1st Amendment rights to perform spontaneously in public spaces everywhere. Most importantly though it’s a Ball–a party, a time to discover amazing talent, art and to build community.
The event features 5, 30 min sets by some of the world’s best Buskers performing their original music, as well as the “Busker battle”– a competition of 4 unique Buskers battling for a $500 cash prize. The winner is decided by VIP judges and the live audience. The entire night is fun, highlighting the importance of Buskers in our society.
Some of the most notable Buskers participating include Pinc Louds, Robert Leslie and Morgan O’Kane
The NYC BuskerBall is a charitable event: We promote Buskers, free speech, and spontaneous performances in public spaces. All proceeds go towards staging, promoting, paying Buskers and staff for the event. This will be the 13th BuskerBall and is guaranteed to be the most exciting one yet.
NYC BuskerBall debuted in 2012 as a charity event for Hurricane Sandy victims.
Buskers came together to raise money and give back to a community battered by the storm. Given the enormous success the event turned into the NYC BuskerBall.
April 23rd 2022 will be the 13th BuskerBall.
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