LDC acquires “ISCC PLUS” certification for the first time in South Korea’s carbon black industry

LDC Co., Ltd., a waste treatment and raw material recycling company, announced on March 23 that it had acquired the ISCC PLUS Certification, the global international certification system for eco-friendly materials, for the first time in Korea’s carbon black industry.

ISCC PLUS is an international certification system that meets the European Union’s Renewable Energy Directives in evaluating and certifying the eco-friendliness and sustainability of materials and production processes of a product.

With more than 130 eco-friendly material manufacturers, NGOs, and research institutes around the world as members, the eco-friendly certification is considered the industry’s most credible.

This certification can only be obtained through strict evaluation of the eco-friendliness of a product from raw materials and production to final product and sale.

Since 2017, LDC is the only company in Korea to produce and supply GCB (Green Carbon Black), “Recovered Carbon Black (rCB)” using waste tires from Korea.

After collecting and crushing waste tires, LDC produces rCB through pyrolysis, refining and processing, and is taking the lead in implementing a transparent circular economy through a series of processes where the processed materials are supplied to tire manufacturers who use them as raw materials.

LDC introduced GCB, an rCB product that meets the stringent quality requirements demanded by tire companies, and was selected as one of the 100 Green New Deal Promising Companies and 1000 National Innovative Companies.

Sales volume has increased from 1,000 tons in 2020 to 1,200 tons in 2021 and this year, sales are projected to increase by more than 4,000 tons, signifying steady growth.

With the acquisition of ISCC PLUS certification, LDC has been recognized for its efforts in meeting global standards as an eco-friendly company.

Hwang Yong-kyung, CEO of LDC, said, “We have been reducing carbon dioxide emissions and the use of crude oil resources for a sustainable future, and have been manufacturing recycled resource materials that solve environmental problems caused by waste tires.”

CEO Hwang forecast, “With the ISCC Plus certification, we will expand our production capacity from 9,000 tons to 34,000 tons by 2025 by expanding Korean and export sales to become Korea’s leading global eco-friendly rCB company.”
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