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A New Way To Support Companies You Believe In

A New Way To Support Companies You Believe In

By PR Newswire

CALGARY, AB, Feb. 3, 2021 A New more than ever we wake to being flooded by an incredible amount of information and news on different global issues. From e nvironmental issues to social inequality issues, consumers have found themselves wanting to participate in supporting solutions to these problems.

On the tail end of the biggest shopping holiday of the year, more consumers than ever are reflecting upon the purchasing choices they’ve made throughout the past year. Many of us nowadays want to support more local, ethical, and responsible companies, but ultimately continue to face buyer’s remorse by being unable to align our values with our purchases.

Consumers reflecting on their past purchases realize that a lot of their own choices were made due to a lack of information, convenience, or availability of the product and the company behind the product. It is impossible to ignore the fast growing need for more sustainable shopping alternatives. As the world keeps experiencing more and more unpredictable obstacles, people want to start making a positive impact.

At Arbor our goal is to put power back in the A New hands. Using Arbor you will finally be able to support the companies you truly believe in, and discover the impact your purchasing habits have on our world!

The best part? Arbor is completely FREE!

  1. Download Arbor onto your computer
  2. Personalize your experience and select the global issues that you aim to support.
  3. Discover how well companies align with those issues.
  4. Find alternatives that better align with what you care about!


Arbor has raised over 700k so far to make shopping sustainably should be as easy and convenient as possible.

As we ring in a new year, and leave a terrible yet life-changing one behind, it is up to us as consumers to support companies who are doing the right thing, and put pressure on companies who choose not to.

Join users all around the globe who are making more sustainable choices, and start speaking with your wallet!

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