Beat the heat with an all new Summer Special Menu at La Macario Cafe

The days are beginning to get longer and the temperature is rising rapidly, reminding us that the sweltering season is finally here. To beat this scorching heat, La Macario Cafe has introduced an all new Summer Special Menu with a range of summer-inspired drinks and dishes.

The special menu includes exquisite range of salads and mains like ‘Muskmelon & Mix Fruits Salad with Iceberg’, ‘Burrata Avocado & Mango Salad’, ‘Baby Spinach & Pomegranate Salad in Orange Vinaigrette Dressing’ and ‘Happy Summer Salad’, Grab a ‘Guac’, ‘Spinach & Cherry Tomato Creamy Yoghurt’, ‘Ovendried Tomato Arancini Balls’, ‘Spicy Mango Sushi Roll’ and ‘Burrata on Sourdough’, to name a few. The drool worthy dessert on offer is ‘Mango Cheesecake’, ‘Mango Cheese Tart’ and ‘Vanilla & Mix Berries Ice Cream’.

Along with the delicacies, their signature summer drinks include ‘Fresh Coconut Water’, ‘Summer Special Cold Brew’, ‘Lemon & Ginger Cold Brew’, ‘Litchi Probiotic Drink’, ‘Kiwi Lemonade’ and ‘Blueberry Burst. Apart from these coolers, they also have different shakes like ‘Muskmelon & Seed Shake’, ‘Mango Shake’ and ‘Lotus Biscoff Shake’.

The summer special menu will be running in the outlet till 15th June. So get ready to treat yourself to a refreshing spread of drinks and dishes at La Macario Cafe!

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