Walktails Cloud Events

Walktails Cloud Events is an omnichannel marketplace for the Indian hospitality industry to connect, share, network, and showcase social entertainment and corporate events offline and online. Walktails is a remarkable lead generation and vendor management platform for artists and influencers, hospitality and entertainment service providers, event organizers, freelancers, vendors, and hospitality event ancillaries.

It introduces innovative ideas in the events industry. It has introduced a critical event formulation, design, and execution platform for the hospitality industry to connect and exhibit offline and virtual networking events. We aim to join the sector during this uncertain and pandemic time by enriching advanced virtual event experiences.

We offer a suitable meeting place for hospitality and F and B professionals and banquets for small and big event planners. It constitutes high, elite, and creative social events, fitness and wellness sessions, and knowledge workshops using offline and online programs. It is open for everyone to connect—core business tenets based on reliability, teamwork, and leadership. Some of the most significant features include virtual networking, buffet system, collaborative lectern for various hospitality affiliated professionals, including artists and business people, to show their talents, interest, passions, and firms on Walktails Cloud Events platform.

The vision of Prittle Prattle is to evolve as the country’s trusted brand in the hospitality and event industry and introduce Indian hospitality globally. The mission is to ensure that our services meet every industry standard, be it human resources, processes, systems, or selection of venues.

Walktails has a young, committed, vibrant and energetic team of highly experienced hospitality event organizers and planning professionals. It applies developed best practices, wide-ranging synergy, unified cooperation with partners, and art communicative technology. It facilitates the online event booking system and tailored operations that offer the benefits of the effortless event showcasing the procedures. The Prittle Prattle staff is available for prompt aid on virtual chat, email, or telephone.
Our business philosophy has always been customer-centric. From service level to customer satisfaction, the vision, mission, and values focus on augmenting and honing our services to ensure that we bestow unsurpassed experiences to every client of Walktails. Walktails is unique because it supports chat, video chat with a representative, allows to reach audiences from anywhere and anytime, hosts events on demand, level up the event, drive-up value for the exhibitors, and helps publish events online real-time. Showcase videos, events, text, and images, and it helps in listing your business related to the hospitality industry, selling tickets online, and facilitating ample branding opportunities.

It provides creative concepts for all types of events, high-quality bespoke catering services, itineraries to add sizzles to party events, show-stopping entertainment, and a production facility. It offers all kinds of entertainment for the customers. Prittle Prattle is a team of passionate, creative, and dedicated event managers. We try to make the event and marketing successful. We ensure to meet customers’ needs. We help in the planning, organizing activities of the customers, and meeting the customers’ needs as and when required.

We splendidly do the marketing. We plan the most joyous events of your life, taking care of everything from the brainstorming to the execution. We walk with each step of the customers, secure that their needs are met, and help make the event unforgettable. We create personalized, unique, and authentic marketing to reflect your personality and style. It facilitates consulting and venue selection. We help you in showcasing your vision and bringing life to your dreams. The main goal of the Walktails Cloud event is to satisfy customers’ needs and work beyond satisfaction. We are ready to hold your hands in your difficult times.

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